Animal Repellent

Animals will naturally find their way onto your property, especially if you live near woods. Deer and rabbits can eat your plants while squirrels, snakes, and bats can get into homes. Keep these animals out of your lawn and home with our selection of animal repellant products. 

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Armadillo Repellent, Specially formulated, Organic, Non-toxic and Environmentally Safe.
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A professional grade goose repellent that is made from all-natural ingredients.
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A broad-spectrum solution fogger kit with a unique liquid concentrate and a propane fogger, designed for the treatment of flying insect pests.
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This battery charges up to 200 feet of track and ideal for small jobs.

Deterring Wildlife With Scent and Taste

  • There are many animal repellent products on the market, and most can repel multiple types of animals and often contain similar naturally derived ingredients. Putrescent egg solids, garlic oil, and capsaicin are very common active ingredients, along with other natural ingredients like cinnamon and clove oil and white pepper. 
  • These ingredients work by irritating nasal passages or mouth with the scent or flavor of these products. 
  • These products can repel deer, rabbits, rodents, cats, and dogs. Snake, mole, and bird repellents may be a bit different. For example, a bird repellent is usually just a sticky substance you place on areas you don’t want birds to roost.

Tips for Using Animal Repellents

  • Remember that the animals are attracted to your yard or garden because of the food or shelter your property provides for the animal. Taking time to reduce shelter and water sources can cut down on the attractiveness of your yard. 
  • How you apply these products depends on what type of animal you need to repel. Essentially, you are trying to change the behavior of an animal, so with cats and dogs with regular habits, you may have to apply very heavily and frequently at first to reinforce the changed behavior.
  • These products are most effective when you have small population to deal with, when there is only light or moderate damage, and only a small area is being affected.
  • When using critter repellents exclusively to keep animals away, you have to be willing to tolerate some damage. These products can become less effective after rainfall and dew, and animals can become adapted to any changes very quickly. To increase the effectiveness of these products, use multiple kinds with different active ingredients, so the animals can’t get used to a single scent or flavor.
  • If damage is very heavy and repellents aren’t making any difference, consider adding more extensive measures. Scare products, like a motion activated sprinkler or even fencing can also be effective ways to repel animals.

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