Snake Repellent

Snakes, while largely beneficial, are usually unwelcome visitors in your yard. Before you reach for poison or other lethal methods of snake control, consider using a snake repellent first. Snake repellents can help you keep snakes away from your property safely and effectively by using ingredients that are non-toxic to snakes, people, and other animals.

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A all-natural snake repellent dust formula that snakes will find unpleasant and avoid those areas that have been treated.
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An organic snake repellent that is non-toxic and environmentally safe and may be used anywhere and any climate.
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An all-natural snake repellent that naturally drives away snakes without harming them or the other animals in a ready-to-spray bottle.
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An all-natural granular repellent that does not harm snakes, it drives them away, naturally.
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A patented snake repellent granule that effectively repels both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.
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A snake repellent that is harmless to plants and other animals formulated to effectively reduce snake harborage.
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A snake repellent that is all-natural and sets off avoidance behavior in snakes.

How Snake Repellents Work

Snake repellents, regardless of their active ingredients, rely on scent to deter snakes from entering and lingering in the treated area. Many snake repellent products use naturally derived ingredients, like essential oils, as the active ingredient. You will commonly find cedar oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil, garlic oil, and rosemary oil included in the active ingredients. You may also find sulfur and an ingredient called naphthalene.

The active ingredients intend to target the sensory organ of snakes, temporarily interfering with it and causing the snake confusion or fear and hopefully the snake will retreat because of this reaction. It does not hurt the snake and the reaction will dissipate.

How To Use Snake Repellents

Snake repellents are very easy to use. Most come in a granular or dust formula and are shaken on to the ground. Always read the instructions carefully before applying for safety precautions and specific instructions for certain snakes.

  • Applying snake repellents as a barrier is the most popular application method of this type of repellent.
  • Create a four to eight inch band of repellent all around your property line and buildings. You do not have to fill in the band completely with the product, just sprinkle to apply.
  • If after a few weeks you are still seeing snakes, you can use these products in a broadcast spreader. Just make sure to read the instructions on the label to ensure you are doing it correctly.
  • These products have a very strong scent, and once you notice the scent dissipate, you will probably have to reapply.
  • After heavy rain, reapply product.

Snake Prevention Tips

Along with using snake repellents, taking the simple steps listed below can reduce the allure to snakes of your yard and property.

  • Snakes love tall grass, weeds, brush, and piles of debris. Reducing this cover will make your yard much less appealing.
  • Keep grass cut short and any bushes and shrubs trimmed, especially close to building foundations.
  • Store firewood away from homes and buildings
  • Reduce mulch in flowerbeds and shrubs.
  • Take steps to control rodents, a snake’s food, which will then reduce the need for snakes to be around your property.

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