Goose Repellent

Goose repellent is a great non-lethal goose control method that will keep geese from eating and gathering on lawns, protecting grass and keeping potentially aggressive geese away from your property. Repellent devices make it easy to keep geese away on land or water, and goose repellent spray is safe to use around people and cats and dogs. 

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A professional grade goose repellent that is made from all-natural ingredients.
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The perfect decoy to prevent geese from messing around on your premises, effectively alarming them about a nearby predator.
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An effective tool to keep unwanted geese from your ponds, lakes and retention areas.
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An amber solar-powered light that flashes to keep unwanted geese from lawns and gardens for up 75 yards.

How Goose Repellents Work

The principle of a goose repellent is to make the area unpleasant or inhabitable for geese and change their behavior. Whether you want to keep geese from eating grass or to prevent them from being on your property at all, a goose repellent can help.

  • Taste repellents are sprayed on vegetation to prevent geese from grazing. Usually, the active ingredient is methyl anthranilate, a compound derived from grapes, which makes the grass bad tasting to geese but does not hurt them. It is safe for human consumption, so it can also be used on food crops.
  • Light devices will flash brightly, which disrupts the sleep patterns of geese and causes them to leave the area to find a more suitable resting place. They can be placed on land or on water, to make both zones non-resting and nesting areas.
  • Decoys of dead geese will trick geese into thinking a predator is near, and they will avoid that area.
  • Motion-activated sprinkler deterrents, like the ScareCrow Sprinkler, startle geese with a burst of water, frightening them and disrupting their environment. This type of repellent device uses just water and a battery and can cover a 1,200 square foot area day and night, making the ScareCrow Sprinkler a great choice for goose repellent.

How To Use Goose Repellents

How To Use Goose Repellents

Goose repellent products are easy to use, but as with all deterrent products, it takes dedication and hard work to maintain the product’s effectiveness. Along with following the label directions carefully, follow these tips to learn how to repel geese successfully.

  • When using geese repellent sprays, remember that only the grass that has been treated is protected. New growth and freshly mowed turf is not protected. Liquid Fence Goose Repellent and Rejex-It Migrate Goose Repellent are two very popular options.
  • Apply on dry grass, and avoid applying in direct intense sunlight.
  • A lot of repellent products can be applied year round if the temperatures are not below freezing.
  • Goose repellent products often have a slight odor, but this will dissipate over a few hours.
  • It can be very difficult to keep geese off of a large area of property. Try treating only grasses that cannot tolerate any geese feeding, and leave less desirable grass uneaten. This will effectively create a barrier and geese will likely stay off treated areas since they have other food available to them.

Generally, a repellent spray won’t keep geese from resting or swimming in a particular area. Using light repellent devices, sprinklers, or decoys work better here, since the area is perceived as inhabitable by the geese, rather than just having bad tasting grass.

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