Ant Granules

Outdoor ants are often hidden from view, making it difficult to find out where ant infestations are coming from. Ant granules and granular insecticides can be placed throughout a yard, ensuring that ants will come into contact with the active ingredients for a quick knockdown, no matter where they are in the yard. 

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A Multi-purpose ant and insect killer for the residential outdoor perimeter treatment or ant mounds.
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A highly effective fire ant killer with a granular formulation that kills fire ant mounds in 15 minutes and prevents new mounds from forming.
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A ready-to-pour granular formula which effectively kills fire ants, the queen and its colony, plus limit new mound formation.
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An insecticide that provides systemic plant and crop protection against ants in a form of granules.
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A fast-acting insecticide that kills upon contact within minutes.
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A long-lasting, farm-friendly insect growth regulator to keep protein-feeding ants from crops, nuts, fruits, and off the trees.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind When Applying Ant Granules

•    Keep them dry

This is important because if the product should be exposed to rain or other sources of water it will lose some of its effectiveness in controlling the ant problem. Keeping the product dry both before and after application will ensure that it kills the maximum number of insects and also that it will be taken back into the nest and knock out even more Ants, giving you faster and more complete control.

•    Use only what you need

You don’t want to overload the infested area with pesticides for several reasons. For one, although the products are not harmful to most pets and small children in the amounts recommended by the manufacturer, overuse could lead to undesirable side effects if they are exposed to large amounts of the chemical.  In addition, using more than is recommended might lead to the insects becoming wary of the sudden availability of new food and keep them from ingesting as much of the pesticide as is desired.

•    Don’t be afraid to use other methods as well

Although granules are great for controlling the presence of ants in the outdoors, their effectiveness can be increased by being combined with other methods such as ant traps, which will give you even more control over the problem. Just be sure to follow all manufacturers’ instructions and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Controlling Ants Outdoors is Easy With Granules

The Ant is without a doubt one of the more common pest problems people have to face. Knowing how to get rid of ants can seem challenging, particularly in the outdoors where their numbers are often overwhelming and they can easily adapt to virtually any situation. Here at your favorite pest control website you will find all the best ant killer products and expert advice you need to rid your lawn, garden, and other outdoor spaces of these numerous and annoying pests.

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