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    Use a heavy gauge rail spike to make the hole

    By Anonymous on 06/01/2013

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    have yet to determine their effectiveness. Heavy rains crossed the area after my placement. That and the bait has an influence. The appear durable, used a ant bait from Lowe's because the Termacide purchased was learned after the fact not for these. I placed 8 on the front and one of the sides - i have a heavy infestation. Its only a 1050sqft house. I still need to bait the back. I know not if its the bait or the traps but where both were placed I no longer see ants.

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    Still testing

    By Rscott on 07/08/2022

    The item is reasonably priced. The plastic could be a little thicker for added strength. Haven't had success with the ants taking the bait yet, but that may be the bait or the time of year they want the bait. Moisture from condensation may get inside which I don't think is avoidable. You may want to enclose this in thick gauge wire mesh if you have foxes or raccoons. These critters can easily tear this open to get the bait.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)