What is Azoxystrobin?

Azoxystrobin is a broad spectrum fungicide used for protecting plants and food crops from foliar and soil-borne fungal diseases. It is currently the only fungicide able to protect against all four major groups of fungal diseases.
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A professional fungicide that is a systemic strobilurin fungicide in a granular formulation, and specifically for controlling diseases up to 28-days for turf-grass.
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A professional combination of two broad-spectrum, preventative fungicides with systemic properties that controls many turf-grass diseases.
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A new professional fungicide with 2 active ingredients for a full spectrum of preventative and curative control of turf-grass diseases.

How does Azoxystrobin work? (Mode of Action)

Azoxystrobin is a systemic fungicide. It slowly works its way up through the plant roots and into all the parts of the plant, inhibiting mitochondrial respiration in fungi. This puts a stop to spore germination and fungus growth.

Azoxystrobin Uses

Azoxystrobin is used widely in agriculture, particularly in wheat farming. Its use is limited in the United States.

Azoxystrobin Toxicity

Azoxystrobin has low toxicity for mammals, birds, bees, insects, and earthworms. Toxicity for freshwater fish is high. Azoxystrobin is also very toxic to Macintosh apple trees and may damage crabapples.

Products Containing Azoxystrobin

Heritage G Fungicide - 30 lb. bag

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