Tomahawk 4 Gallon Granular Backpack Sprayer Spreader (TGS30)

Tomahawk 4 Gallon Granular Backpack Sprayer Spreader (TGS30)

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Product Overview

Tomahawk 4 Gallon Granular Backpack Sprayer Spreader TGS30 is an excellent tool for turf and lawn applications. It can be use all-year-round when applying salt and ice melt agents during winter and autumn and summer and spring for fertilization. This product is built with high-quality materials that are durable so it is proven to be long-lasting. Easy and convenient to use plus, it is lightweight. It has a large capacity of 4 gallons, making every application time-saving and more efficient. Features a simple throttle control that makes locking, starting, and stopping of the spreader easier. The adjustable volume lever is perfect for controlling the amount of seeds, fertilizers, feed, and salt during application. It comes with balanced and padded straps ideal to provide comfort when used. This backpack sprayer spreader can reach up to 30 feet horizontally and can cover an acre in less than 30 minutes, making it 20 times faster than other spreaders. May be used on gardens, orchard, farms, barns, commercial turf, ranches, golf courses, parks, lakes, and ponds. This product comes included with the backpack sprayer and a fuel oil mixin bottle.

Features and Specs

For use in Commercial Turf, Farms, Ranches, and Barns, Parks and Golf Courses, Gardens and Orchards, Ponds and Lakes.
Application May be used in applying fertilizers, pesticides, granular seeds, animal feed, salt and ice melt agents, pond algaecides, muck removers.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Dimensions 21 x 17 x 26 inches.
Coverage Area Cover 1 acre in less than 30 minutes and can reach up to 30 feet horizontally.
Sprayer Type Backpack sprayer/spreader
Tank Size (gal.) 4 Gallon
Special Features Year-Round Spreader for Spring Seeding to Winter Melt.
Warranty 1 year.
Shipping Weight 38.25 lbs
Manufacturer Tomahawk Power (Mfg. Number: TGS30)
EPA Registration JSHSS.0525GD



  • Brand - Tomahawk Power
  • Model - TGS30
  • Engine - 2 Stroke
  • HP - 3
  • Displacement - 63.3cc
  • Granule Tank - 4 gal
  • Fuel Capacity - 1.1 qt
  • Start Type - Recoil / Manual
  • Fan Rotation Speed - 7300 RPM
  • Recommended Fuel - 50:1 Pre Mix
  • Weight - 35 lbs
  • Package Dimensions - 21” x 17“ x 26”

Starting Your Engine:

When starting the engine make sure the engine is fueled and the water tank prepped for spraying.

  1. Push the throttle lever to the on position marked.
  2. Prime the engine 4-5 times, or until the fuel is visibly passing through the fuel lines.
  3. Move the choke to the closed position.
  4. Pull the recoil starter until the engine fires.
  5. After the engine starts, slowly move the choke to the open position.
  6. Let the engine idle for several minutes and then begin operation.

Stopping Your Engine:

  1. Move the water valve to the closed position to stop the flow of liquid pesticide.
  2. Move the throttle lever to the down position to stop the engine.
  3. Move the choke to the closed position.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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