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Natural and organic baits (chemical-free) can be challenging to find when trying control ants, cockroaches, and other insects in your home. Here you will find baits that only use naturally occurring active ingredients (a form of boron) to control several types of insects.

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Excellent high-moisture ant gel for sweet-feeding ants.
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A moisture-resistant, fine granular bait that can be used indoors and outdoors.
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A professional granular insecticide bait with natural boric acid for commercial and residential indoor and outdoor applications.
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InTice Thiquid Ant Bait is a thick, syrup bait that most common household ants will find irresistible. The completely odorless InTice Thiquid formula attracts ants fast.
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Non-toxic, 100 % natural rats and mice bait that kills rodents and not any other species - made from food ingredients - use inside or outside - safe for children and animals
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An organic insecticide and OMRI listed pelleted granule bait for snails and slugs and lasts up to 4 weeks.
Fertilome Come and Get It! Spinosad Plus Quick View
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Kills snails, slugs, ants, and other listed insects.
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An effective ant bait gel that can be used in a residential or commercial area.

Boron is used in pest control in the form of boric acid. It can be found in ingredients lists as boric acid, borax, sodium polyborate, sodium tetraborate, sodium octoborate, and others. Because it is widespread throughout the earth and has a very low human toxicity, boric acid is often suggested for use in low-toxic pest management. It is also less repellent than other ingredients, making it good for bait applications. It can be found in powder, paste, liquid, gel, aerosol, and other formulations. 


Boric acid products work to control insects by acting as a poison. Boric acid is also an abrasive material that absorbs the waxy coating of an insect’s body, causing it to become dehydrated and die. Even though it is safer than many pest control ingredients, it is still harmful if ingested, so caution should be taken around food, children, or pets.

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