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Bamboo Identification Guide

What Does Bamboo Look Like?

By DoMyOwn staff

What Is Bamboo?

green stalks of bamboo in front of a wall

Bamboo is easy to recognize for most of us thanks to its use in landscape and interior design and construction. While it has its uses in decor and even cooking, the plant can be an unwanted presence on a property. Learn more about how to control invasive bamboo growth on your property and how to prevent new growth from appearing.

Golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea) is one of the more common and faster growing types of bamboo that can be found across parts of the U.S.


What Does Bamboo Look Like?

Bamboo stalks, also called culms, are a rigid type of grass that are woody in texture and able to grow up to 30 feet in height.

The stalks are segmented at nodes up the length of the culm, providing the distinctive look that most recognize on sight. Bamboo stalks sometimes produce narrow green leaves that grow to around 6 inches in length. These leaves grow from stems that emerge from the stalk at the segmentation points (nodes) up the total height of the plant.

Characteristics of Bamboo

a grove of very tall bamboo stalks
Bamboo plants stand out among other trees and tree-like growth. Some of the distinctive attributes of golden bamboo include:
  • Forms large "stands" or clumps of stalks that crowd out other plants
  • Evergreen, and green to golden-green in color, with rings at each node
  • Can grow up to 30 feet in height, but most often reaches between 10-20 feet
  • Considered invasive in many states and countries
  • Rarely produces flowers or seeds

Bamboo Weed Control Products

Read our how to control bamboo guide for more information on how and when to apply bamboo killers in your property.

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