BASF Advance Concrete Bait Station (CBS) (45091680)

BASF Advance Concrete Bait Station (CBS) (45091680)

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Product Overview

BASF Advance Concrete Bait Station (CBS) (45091680) is specially designed for use with Advance Termite Bait Station to be installed in areas where soil can't be accessed. This is necessary if it is required to core or cut through concrete or asphalt before you can setup the bait station. Once the core cavity has been made by a professional, the Advance Concrete Bait Station (CBS) can be simply inserted into the hole and pushed all the way down until it is securely positioned in the soil below the hardened surface. This comes with an Advance Termite Inspection Cartridge (TIC) and Advance Termite Monitor Base (TMB) that is preloaded inside and it will fit a standard core cap (sold separately).

Features and Specs

Target pests Termites
For use in Areas of concrete or asphalt around structures
Dimensions 3'' x 7 3/4''
Color Black
Special Features It can be installed in areas where soil is inaccessible.
Parts Included Advance Termite Monitor Base (TMB) and Advance Termite Inspection Cartridge
Shipping Weight 0.71 lbs
Manufacturer BASF (Mfg. Number: 45091680)



  • The process of coring through concrete is not an easy task and should be conducted by trained and knowledgeable persons. It is strongly recommended that all utility lines be identified and marked before cutting through any hardened material and that the position of each access point be clearly marked.
  • Once the hardened surface (concrete, asphalt) is cut the core is removed and the position of the soil beneath the hardened surface measured. If the soil has subsided and a space between the soil and hardened surface exists it is recommended that additional soil or sand be poured into the opening of the core and packed down. This is to provide a continuous zone of soil and to help hold the elements of the system in place.
  • Once the core cavity has been prepared, the technician simply inserts an Advance Concrete Bait Station (CBS) into the opening and pushes it down until it is firmly seated in the soil below the hardened surface. The technician will need to ensure that once the station is in place, there is sufficient room between the top surface of the concrete or other hardened surface and the station within the core opening so that a concrete or core cap can be inserted and the opening secured.
  • The CBS is designed to slide down inside a standard 3 inch diameter core opening with little resistance.

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