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BB Stop Bed Bug Pitfall Trap

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    By Lolo on 12/07/2012

    bombing your home is not effective...will not kill bed bugs. I had the other things under my bed posts that are on this web site and they cracked. So i am trying this because after paying almost $2,000 to bug company...1 year later problem is happening again. I dont believe it was ever gone bc these things can stay dorment (hybernating) for long periods of time. Also am going to try a natural dust this time that is good for envirinment and will not harm animals nor humans. It is a particle that cuts the bugs when they walk through it and they dry out in a few days.

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    No bugs in traps

    By Diane on 09/17/2013

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    I'm happy to report that I've had the traps under my bed legs for 2 weeks now to monitor any bed bug activity and no bed bugs!! I had 2 heat remediation treatments done to my condo, first one did not get rid of all the bed bugs 6 weeks later I was getting bitten my these little f@?!#+s again. The second treatment looks to have worked 6 weeks without a bite. i bought The traps/monitors for piece of mind. One problem I encountered with the traps is that after about a week I noticed one of the traps is cracked. I was assured when I purchased them that they would be fine on low pile carpeting and they would not crack, but one did.. For those of you that are considering using these traps, i would recommend them but i would advise putting something rigid under the traps so they don't crack and allow those pesky little bugs to climb up on your bed and feast on your blood.

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