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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Seems to be working

    By Jane on 05/30/2014

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    I used the product about 7 days ago, have not seen any new bedbugs. I ave been waiting to see what is going to happen in the future. I know bedbugs are tenacious; however this is the product that the professional exterminator used at my old apt complex when bugs were discovered there. It seemed to do the trick.

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    By Mike on 11/18/2017

    had to purchase three (3) cans but the stuff must do its job becuase if they are not hiding THEN THEY ARE DEAD!!!!!

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    Timely arrival

    By Jan on 05/29/2018

    This product is for insects that are resistant to the pyrethrum. Silverfish, bedbugs, etc. It is difficult to buy it in most places and in some states can only be purchased with a license. This means you must hire a professional company. DoMyOwn was a good price. ( Where I live, $16 for professionals with a license) But there was no charge for shipping. Plus it arrived very quickly and was well packed.

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    Daughter stopped coming y or letting me in her apt. NO more!

    By Christine on 12/03/2015

    My younger son & his girl brought them in dads Apt.Sofa(full) & his bedroom.Where I moved w my bed. My daughter stopped sleeping over & sopping by.& letting me in her apt. She got 2 cans of Bedlam Plus & I got DE dust.After we threw away sofa( loaded) every stage.1 yr. later front rm. where sofa was got cleared fast but my room,sm. W. Queen bed had problem. After 2 cans Bedlam Plus in every crack & dusting everywhere,Daughter came to sleep over & no bites! I've got more DE & 3/4 can Bedlam plus left.I still can spray rm.( very sm.) again.Still got tons of laundry,lots of dry cleaning..I don't feel done yet.Need to get old DE up & put more down & 1full spraying.Ive got my encasements coming.after I put them on I'll do the last spraying after new DE, Then we'll see where we stand !

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    By Sekere on 07/01/2017

    I live in an apartment, and my next door neighbor has been infested with bedbugs for the second time. All her furniture had to be discarded. The landlord tries to stay on top of the bedbug situation in the building. When by neighbor gets a treatment, the exterminator isn't good about treating the surrounding apartments. That's why I purchased the BedLam Plus. He did once come to my apartment and checked, but found no problems. However, this time I found 3 bedbugs on different nights in the month of June climbing up my bedroom wall. Although they're not in my bed (I hope), I don't like seeing them crawling around anywhere. I have sprayed the BedLam Plus liberally in and around my bed. I've used other substances as well, and it all seems to be working. The last bug I found, I captured in a medicine bottle, then sprayed the BedLam Plus into the bottle. It took quite a long time for the bug to die, but it finally did. The whole time it was dying, it was very sickly...not very active. I was hoping it would kill them on contact. I remain paranoid, and I spray one substance or another every week now. I also use the bug powders (I have two different kinds). They seem to work too, as I see dead BB bodies sometimes. I will be buying more BedLam Plus even though it doesn't kill on contact. It just needs help from all my other substances.

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    It Works!

    By Nicquan on 03/22/2019

    Seems to be working better than the other products I have tried. Brought the bugs out and I had to do a thorough cleaning and "spray down".

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)