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Jim from Seabrook,tx writes

Best way to rid attic in our house of rats?

I don't want to use poison and have rotting rat carcasses in my attic.


The best way to get rid of the rats that are already in your attic is to trap them with rat snap traps, rat glue boards and/or live catch rat traps. We do not recommend using poison baits indoors because after the rats eat the bait they may go into an inaccessible area to die causing a terrible odor and possibly even a secondary insect infestation (it is a myth that there is a poison bait that will cause the rats to dry out and not smell or to leave the house in search of water). It is important that you place the traps directly in the rats travel path and bait them with an attractive bait such as nuts, dog kibble, canned tuna or peanut butter. Be patient, it could take several days or even a couple of weeks before the rats are comfortable enough with the traps to approach them and be captured. After you have eliminated your current infestation you must take the time to exclude rodents from entering your home in the future. Please take a few moments to read our article: How to Rodent Proof Your Home

Answer last updated on: 10/26/2011

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