Beyond Herbicide

Beyond Herbicide

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Product Overview

Beyond Herbicide is a professionally formulated liquid herbicide that delivers long-lasting control and superior contact of tough broadleaf weeds and grasses in crops. It controls over 40 tough grass and broadleaf weeds, including downy brome, mustards, jointed goatgrass, pigeon grass, and Japanese bromes (see label for complete list). This product provides crops relief from competing for vital resources. Its mode of action is penetrating through foliage and weed roots. Once applied, susceptible weeds may start yellowing, stop growing, and die. Can be mixed with other herbicides and adjuvants. Its application can be either aerial or ground. Best used on crops and fields. 

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient 12.1% Ammonium salt of imazamox
Target pests Tough grass and broadleaf weeds
For use in Crops and fields
Application To ensure thorough coverage, use a minimum of 20 gallonsof water per acre when applying Beyondto minimum-till orno-till crops. Use higher gallonage for fields with densevegetation or heavy crop residue. See label for complete directions.
Pet safe Yes, if used as instructed.
Dimensions 4.00 x 7.00 x 11.00
Shipping Weight 9.00 lbs
Manufacturer BASF
EPA Registration 241-441



Use this product only in accordance with its labeling andwith the Worker Protection Standard, 40 CFR Part 170.This standard contains requirements for the protection ofagricultural workers on farms, forests, nurseries, andgreenhouses, and handlers of agricultural pesticides. Itcontains requirements for training, decontamination, notifi-cation, and emergency assistance. It also containsspecific instructions and exceptions pertaining to thestatements on this label about personal protective equip-ment (PPE) and restricted-entry interval. The requirementsin this box only apply to uses of this product that are cov-ered by the Worker Protection Standard.DO NOT enter or allow worker entry into treated areasduring the restricted-entry interval (REI) of 4 hour.


Application of products containing chlorimuron ethyl(Canopy®herbicide), metsulfuron-methyl (Ally®XPherbicide), imazaquin (Scepter®70 DG herbicide), orimazethapyr (Pursuit®herbicide; Pursuit®Plus ECherbicide) the same year as Beyond®herbicidemayincrease the risk of injury to sensitive rotational crops.Consult all pertinent labels for use of these products incombinations.If arid conditions occur during the year of application, rota-tional crop injury may occur.


Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal. Keep from freezing. Do not store below 32° F. Wastes resulting from the use of this product must be disposed of on-site or at an approved waste disposal facility. Container HandlingNonrefillable Container. Do not reuse or refill thiscontainer. Triple rinse or pressure rinse container (or equi-valent) promptly after emptying; then offer for  recycling, if available, or reconditioning, if appropriate, or puncture and dispose of in a sanitary landfill, or by incineration, or byother procedures approved by state and local authorities.

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