B&G QT-1 Sprayer with Adjustable Tip (17017401)

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B&G QT-1 Sprayer with Adjustable Tip (17017401)

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4 out of 5 stars Rating: 3.8

5 Reviews | 1 Q&A

Product Overview

The B&G QT-1 Handheld Sprayer with Adjustable Tip is a compact sprayer that is ideal to use against fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs and more. It may also be used for applying microbial cleaners and other chemicals to floor drains and other areas for cleaning and treatment. this handheld sprayer features chemical-resistant gaskets and seals, steel pump rod and a stable base and rugged construction for long-lasting use. This specific sprayer comes with an adjustable tip for users convenience and precise spot treatment. This sprayer can be used for liquid applications on a variety of target areas. The sprayer's tank is clear and heavy-duty, has a capacity of 1.5 liters, working with both liquid and foaming products.

NOTE: One sprayer bottle per order

Features and Specs

Target pests Cockroaches, Fleas, Bed Bugs
For use in Chemical and Microbial Cleaning and Spot Treatment for variety of target areas
Material / Construction Chemical-resistant Viton Seals
Seal Type Viton
Special Features Features Adjustable Tip for Precise Spot Treatments
Parts Included Spray Nozzle Tip
Shipping Weight 1.09 lbs
Manufacturer B&G (Mfg. Number: 17017401)
UPC 17017401


Operating Instructions:

  • Inspect interior and exterior of tank for signs of deterioration (i.e. cracks, bubbling and/or pitting) of body and bottom. Any sign of deterioration indicates possible tank weakening and could result in explosive bursting under pressure. If any of these signs are found, discard tank immediately and replace.
  • Remove pump by turning counterclockwise allowing residual pressure to escape.
  • Prepare spray solution following directions on container label.
  • Fill tank with a maximum not to exceed fill capacity.
  • Re-insert pump into tank and tighten securely.
  • Pressurize sprayer with 20-25 strokes of the pump handle.
  • Point nozzle away from you & depress trigger lever to operate.
  • Adjust nozzle to desired spray pattern by turning nozzle cap from fine spray to pin stream.

Sprayer Maintenance:

  • Periodically remove and clean nozzle assembly.
  • Pump should be periodically oiled by putting 1 or 2 drops of oil down pump rod through opening in cover.
  • If nozzle clogs, remove complete nozzle assembly. Disassemble nozzle and clean openings of any obstructions.
  • Never use any tool to remove pump if there is pressure in sprayer.

Note: Always refer to Users Manual for the complete list of How To Use Instructions, Storage and Maintenance. Do not attempt to modify or repair this product except with original manufacturer's parts.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Perfect sprayer for single-family homes and yards.

    By Ryan on 07/30/2016

    We live in a 1940s bungalow neighborhood and this sprayer is perfect. The 1 qt. size goes way farther than I imagined (I use it for insecticide treatment only). I am so glad I skipped buying the 1 Gallon sprayer I had initially considered. The best feature is the adjustable copper tip. Way better than plastic!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Nice sprayer

    By James on 05/11/2016

    The brass tip makes this sprayer better than the rest. Sprays hard far on stream or a nice misty fog on wide. Easy to pump and pressurize. I plan to buy another for weed killer. Wish they came in different colors!

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    Doesn't spray well

    By Jan on 03/23/2018

    Don't waste your money on this metal-tip sprayer or the CAS Strerifab sprayer. I threw these 3 away after getting a $29 Dura-Sprayer that does what it's supposed to: spray in a fan pattern, plus it has a hose wand so you don't have to stoop, and is half the price!

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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    B&G QT-1

    By Louis on 07/19/2016

    I am not happy with the adjustable nozzle. When you try to get a fine spray there is only little leaway for the adjustment in the fine spray area. Also it would be nice if the spout was about 6" longer. Would be nice to have marks on the spray body to show 1 qt. and 11/2 qt. I had to put them on myself.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    B&G QT-1 sprayer

    By Carolyn on 07/31/2020

    Great sprayer for small jobs and I use it for large jobs rather than a large sprayer because of its lightweight. I have been using the qt sprayer for about 10 years and love them. Just don't pull up too hard when pumping or you will strip the threads in the little top. I have 4 of them and even use one to apply fly repellent on the cows because it streams a good distance and it is quiet so as not to disturb the cows and the repellent is some what thick but sprays great. I use one for herbicide and algae at the pond. It just suits me great!!!!

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Questions & Answers

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What is difference between adjustable tip and fan spray tip for the B&G QT-1 models?

They both seem adjustable. Need to spray insecticide (Bora Care and others) in tight quarters, like attic


The B&G QT-1 Handheld Sprayer with Adjustable Tip can spray in find spray to pin streat. The B&G QT-1 Sprayer with Fan Tip will only spray in a fan pattern but you can adjust the width of the fan spray pattern.

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