B&G QT-1 Sprayer with Fan Tip (17017407)


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B&G QT-1 Sprayer with Fan Tip (17017407) sprayer (1.5 liter)

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B&G QT-1 Sprayer with Fan Tip (17017407)

B&G QT-1 Sprayer with Fan Tip (17017407) is an excellent product, easily spreading your pest control chemicals wherever you need them. Being compact, it makes applying for bed bug, cockroach, or flea control easy instead of it being a hassle. To spray liquid on the desired surface, just pump the sprayer and go. Application with B&G QT-1 Sprayer with Fan Tip (17017407) is that simple. Having reinforced construction including Viton seals, chemical-resistant gaskets, steel pump rod and a stable base, this sprayer will last for a long time. Being especially great for spot treatments, the product has a 1.5 quart clear and heavy-duty tank, for both liquid, foaming, and microbial cleaner products.

NOTE: Only 1 sprayer comes with each order.

Operating Instructions:

  • Inspect interior and exterior of tank for signs of deterioration (i.e. cracks, bubbling and/or pitting) of body and bottom. Any sign of deterioration indicates possible tank weakening and could result in explosive bursting under pressure. If any of these signs are found, discard tank immediately and replace.
  • Remove pump by turning counterclockwise allowing residual pressure to escape.
  • Prepare spray solution following directions on container label.
  • Fill tank with a maximum not to exceed fill capacity.
  • Re-insert pump into tank and tighten securely.
  • Pressurize sprayer with 20-25 strokes of the pump handle.
  • Point nozzle away from you & depress trigger lever to operate.
  • Adjust nozzle to desired spray pattern by turning nozzle cap from fine spray to pin stream.

Sprayer Maintenance:

  • Periodically remove and clean nozzle assembly.
  • Pump should be periodically oiled by putting 1 or 2 drops of oil down pump rod through opening in cover.
  • If nozzle clogs, remove complete nozzle assembly. Disassemble nozzle and clean openings of any obstructions.
  • Never use any tool to remove pump if there is pressure in sprayer.

Note: Always refer to Users Manual for the complete list of How To Use Instructions, Storage and Maintenance. Do not attempt to modify or repair this product except with original manufacturer's parts.

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    5 of 5 stars  the little sprayer that gets the job done
    By Carl in Arapaho on 10/31/2015

    This little sprayer is awesome it just needs a smaller fan spray head for all natural pest formula

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02/11/2015 Neal from Marietta, Ga

QWhat is the liquid capacity of the B&G QT-1 Sprayer with Fan Tip


B&G QT-1 Sprayer with Fan Tip (17017407) has 1.5 liter capacity for both liquid and foaming products so a little over a quart.

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07/20/2015 Will from Nampa, Id

QIs it possible to purchase additional tips for the B&G QT-1 Sprayer?


Yes, we are able to get replacement parts for the B&G QT-1 Sprayer. Please let us know which specific parts you would like, and we can get you a price for them. You may reach our customer service department at 866-581-7378.

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