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    By Virg on 04/13/2016

    Both bottles arrived with 1/4 inch of a solid solute on the bottom of each bottle lot # 25194. I did not notice it until after use of part of one bottle. It took a lot a shaking but only part of it would dissolve. It seems like I received some poorly stored product or a bad lot. The former shipment of the exact same product from DOMyOwnPestControl did not have any solute on the bottom throughout its complete 3 yr use. I only hope this product with chemical separation works as good as the previous. I hate mailing things back besides, I threw away the packaging and used part of a bottle before I noticed. Let's see if this review gets a response.

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    Red Ants

    By Michael on 01/09/2017

    I purchased this product after a recommendation from a friend regarding red ants. I have applied it a couple times to date and find it a good product with good results so far. Will buy it again when needed...

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    Fire Ants

    By Joseph on 07/06/2018

    First I thought, now I got the solution ???? no more fire ants in my yard........ well as I start treating these little evils ,the only thing happened that they moved just a bit away from the spot I sprayed.... Nothing can kill these Florida Fire Ants

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    Cost per ounce/concentration percent is high and misleading

    By Robert on 07/17/2020

    Chemical - great. Well established this stuff works! Marketing ploy about price is misleading and improper. DoMyOwn is negligent and uses a misleading title/practice to sell this product. Why don't they make it EASY to see cost per ounce/concentration of the product instead of making me do the math? A Lot easier to compare prices if they would do this.

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    By David on 10/26/2019

    Been trying to kill gnat which have decided my workshop is a great place to raise a family. Starting around 2012 I noticed the attackers which fly right into your face or just hang around waiting for their chance. I started with Hot Shot floggers, they liked it. had a Exterminator give me The Killer stuff. No help. Each year in September they start. I have used the inverted water bottles with vinegar in the bottom. Killed many. I have used many different sprays including Suspend Poly-zone. I started seeing results when I mixed suspend along with my propane fogger fluid and sprayed a heavy fog into the shop for over night. Looked like they were gone up until around 4:30 pm. then the came back. Sprayed again and again Morning and night. This is 7 years of this now. No plants, no food, only saws and tools. Thought this Bifen XTS sounded like just what I needed. I always wear a respirator and exit without a breath. This product does not leave a white fog like the rest. Had to re enter after a fogging and noticed it is very toxic without a mask. Thought for sure I had won, but, later the next day they attacked again but not as many. I have sprayed 5 times now. Have not had any attacks in 4 days now. but, not sure if it is the colder weather or if they are dead. Ask me again next September.

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    Product leaked during transit

    By Erik on 10/09/2020

    This review is not on the quality of the product as that remains to be seen but it will be a review of the quality control/shipping process. The packaga arrived intact and apparently undamaged on the outside. The container however had leaked somehow inside the plastic bag. One of the caps was slighlty loose and the product leaked theough the protective foil barrier somehow. The two tops were taped together but the product degraded the tape into a sticky mess all over the bottle. Not a really big deal just a pain to clean up

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