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    By Virg on 04/13/2016

    Both bottles arrived with 1/4 inch of a solid solute on the bottom of each bottle lot # 25194. I did not notice it until after use of part of one bottle. It took a lot a shaking but only part of it would dissolve. It seems like I received some poorly stored product or a bad lot. The former shipment of the exact same product from DOMyOwnPestControl did not have any solute on the bottom throughout its complete 3 yr use. I only hope this product with chemical separation works as good as the previous. I hate mailing things back besides, I threw away the packaging and used part of a bottle before I noticed. Let's see if this review gets a response.

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    Red Ants

    By Michael on 01/09/2017

    I purchased this product after a recommendation from a friend regarding red ants. I have applied it a couple times to date and find it a good product with good results so far. Will buy it again when needed...

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    Fire Ants

    By Joseph on 07/06/2018

    First I thought, now I got the solution ???? no more fire ants in my yard........ well as I start treating these little evils ,the only thing happened that they moved just a bit away from the spot I sprayed.... Nothing can kill these Florida Fire Ants

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    By David on 10/26/2019

    Been trying to kill gnat which have decided my workshop is a great place to raise a family. Starting around 2012 I noticed the attackers which fly right into your face or just hang around waiting for their chance. I started with Hot Shot floggers, they liked it. had a Exterminator give me The Killer stuff. No help. Each year in September they start. I have used the inverted water bottles with vinegar in the bottom. Killed many. I have used many different sprays including Suspend Poly-zone. I started seeing results when I mixed suspend along with my propane fogger fluid and sprayed a heavy fog into the shop for over night. Looked like they were gone up until around 4:30 pm. then the came back. Sprayed again and again Morning and night. This is 7 years of this now. No plants, no food, only saws and tools. Thought this Bifen XTS sounded like just what I needed. I always wear a respirator and exit without a breath. This product does not leave a white fog like the rest. Had to re enter after a fogging and noticed it is very toxic without a mask. Thought for sure I had won, but, later the next day they attacked again but not as many. I have sprayed 5 times now. Have not had any attacks in 4 days now. but, not sure if it is the colder weather or if they are dead. Ask me again next September.

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