Black Widow Spider Killer

Black widow spiders are one of the few species of spiders that are dangerous to humans, as their bites are more poisonous than a rattlesnake. DoMyOwn’s selection of black widow spider control products remove black widow spiders, prevent their eggs from hatching, and repel other spiders away from your lawn and home. 

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Professional strength liquid concentrate insecticide containing bifenthrin; labeled to treat over 75 of the toughest and most common residential and commercial pests.
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An insecticide formulated to provide long-lasting control and prevent termite, ant, and other pest infestations around construction areas, also in structures.
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A water-based insecticide that controls listed pests up to 18 months.

The bite of a black widow spider contains venom that is 15 times as potent as that of rattlesnakes. The first sign of a bite is local swelling, often with two red spots in the center. Common symptoms may include aching of the body (particularly the legs), partial paralysis, sweating, and swollen eyelids. Symptoms should disappear in 2 to 3 days. However, if you believe you have been bitten by a black widow, call your doctor immediately.

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Do My Own is your source for black widow spider control and information on how to get rid of black widow spiders.  We will ship your black widow treatment products quickly with our Fast, Free Shipping and we always have a low price guarantee on all of our black widow control products.  

The female Black Widow Spider is actually the most poisonous spider in North America.  The female can be identified by the hourglass marking on the under belly of the female black widow spider.  When it comes to how to get rid of black widow spiders you should start by finding their hiding places.  Black widow spider control starts with removing hiding places near the home such as fire wood, boards and thick vegetation.  You can monitor black widow spider activity by using glue boards below.  For black widow spider control you should use any of our black widow sprays below. 


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