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Bonide Household Room Fogger

Bonide Household Room Fogger contains Tetraperm Triple action insecticide which is a combination of tetramethrin, permethrin, and PBO (piperonyl butoxide). Use Bonide Household Room Fogger to treat up to 6,000 cubic feet which is a room measuring 30 ft. x 25 ft. with an 8 ft. ceiling. Bonide Household Room Fogger kills both crawling and flying insects in hospitals, homes, hotels, day camps, etc. Always follow directions.

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11/03/2015 Kathy from Pa

QShould I repeat using Bonide Household Fogger for carpet beetles in 3 weeks for eggs?
Is this the best thing for carpet beetles? I've been vacuuming every day but been afraid to wash surfaces. I don't want to wash off chemicals that a bug could later crawl across. When should I wipe down walls, etc.?


Bonide Household Room Fogger, as well as most other foggers on the market, are not what you would want to use to try and control a carpet beetle problem. Foggers only kill the pests that are out in the open when the fogger goes off and does not give any continuous control after it has finished and you have aired out the room. There is no residual that you would be washing off of any surface. Most foggers also do not affect the eggs as they are protected from the insecticide until they hatch out. Vacuuming is definitely a step you want to continue doing on a regular basis. The biggest key with carpet beetles is cleaning everything and every crevice the larvae or beetles could be hiding in, and then using a residual insecticide and an IGR to try and kill any remaining and stop the reproductive cycle. You can review the products and steps to locating and eliminating carpet beetles by reading our article for their control.

Carpet Beetle Control

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11/10/2016 Carin from Edinburg, Texas

QDo I turn off the refrigerator before starting the Bonide Household Room Fogger?
Will my home catch fire if I leave the refrigerator plugged in while the fogging is being done?


It does not state on the product label of the Bonide Household Room Fogger that you would need to turn your appliances off during application. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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09/04/2016 Brenda from Preston, Mn

QWhat needs to be covered up in your house when using Bonide Household Room Fogger?


Bonide Household Room Fogger†states on the product label: Exposed food should be covered or removed. †All food preparation surfaces and utensils should be covered during treatment or thoroughly washed before use.

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01/15/2015 John from Galveston, Tx

QCan Bonide Household Room Fogger be used in a garage with a gas water heater in it?

ABonide Household Room Fogger can be used in the garage you just need to be sure to turn off the pilot light on the heater first.

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06/07/2016 Oscar from Edinburg, Tx

QWill the Bonide Household Room Fogger be a good product to use for bed bugs?


The†Bonide Household Room Fogger is not recommended for bed bug control. When foggers are released they simply spray up into the air and then settle down onto surfaces.† They do not penetrate into the cracks and crevices where bedbugs actually hide.† Using a fogger for bedbugs could also irritate the bedbugs and force them deeper into cracks and crevices or into wall voids, making effective treatments much more difficult or even impossible. Most foggers on the market are not recommended for bedbugs for these reasons. In order to treat a bed bug infestation thoroughly, you must use multiple products and follow the appropriate guidelines for treating individual items such as clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. We recommend using one of our bed bug control kits, which will come with all of the products you need to do an effective bed bug treatment.

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06/06/2014 Lacie from Palm Beach Gardens

QWill this product work to kill ticks in my car?
How long is it effective for?

ABonide Household Room Foggers are not labeled for areas that are smaller than 5 ft by 5 ft. A spray that is labeled for cars is D-Force HPX. This is a crack and crevice spray and is effective for up to 8 weeks.

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07/10/2015 Terrance from Hendersonville, Tn

QIs Bonide natural Permethrins w safe with no residual safe to use in a hen house?


Bonide Household Room Fogger is not labeled to be applied in a hen house. Tengard SFR would be a great choice for this type of application because it can be used on poultry and in poultry houses and offers a long lasting residual. Please refer to the product label to ensure that the insect that you are targeting is listed and for mixing and application instructions.

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06/07/2017 Kb from Melbourne, Fl

QIs the Bonide Room Fogger recommended for daddy long legs in a garage attic?
What is the best product to use for spiders? The inspector said the attic inside the garage has a lot of spiders, will the fogger work for these? I'm seeing daddy long legs inside the house as well.


Bonide Household Room Fogger will kill Daddy Long legs that are present during the application. We would recommend using Bifen IT for treating indoors and outdoors. Bifen IT is a great general all purpose insecticide that can be used as a perimter treatment on the outside of home (windows, doors, foundation, yard, trees, bushes) and inside as a crack and crevice spray. You will get a 30 day residual on the outside of the home and 90 residual on the inside of home.

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10/22/2017 Nanc from Groveland, Ca

QWill Bonide Household Room Fogger kill scorpions?


Bonide Household Room Fogger†could possibly kill scorpions but only if they are out in the open while you are using.††There is no residual that can continue to kill once dry.††Since scorpions like to hide it is unlikely any "bomb" or fogger would work well and none of them are labeled for this use. Instead we recommend the products that come in our scorpion control kit:†Scorpion Control Kit.

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