Bonide Hydrated Lime

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Bonide Hydrated Lime bag (5 lbs)

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Bonide Hydrated Lime

Bonide Hydrated Lime will quickly raise the pH of your soil to help optimize the conditions for the growth of your plants. Use a soil test to determine the pH of your soil prior to applying Bonide Hydrated Lime to calculate the correct amount to use. A neutral pH of 5.8 to 7.0 is usually good for most plants however each plant has different needs. Use Bonide Hydrated Lime on gardens and lawns to adjust acidity and improve soil structure.

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05/12/2013 Rebecca from Edgar, Wi

QDoes Bonide Hydrated Lime work the same as dolomite?
I just purchased a GrowBox for tomatoes, and they suggested adding two cups of dolomite or powered lime to the soil prior to planting. But they cautioned not to use garden lime, because that is almost all calcium. I'm confused!! Help!

AThe Hydrated Lime in question only has a Total Calcium (Ca) of - 34.20%. You will want to contact either your master gardner or the manufacturer of the product to see if this is the exact formulation you need. We are not familiar with the variation or differences between Dolomite and hydrated lime, and your soil ph can call for different amounts as well. You can reach Bonide at 1-800-536-8231 or find your local master gardner here.

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