The term “borax” refers to both a mineral and a refined boron compound with many uses. You may have also heard it called by the names sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate. Borax typically takes the form of a white powder made up of smaller colorless crystals that easily dissolve in water.  Borax is often used as a cleaning agent, pesticide, fungicide and many more uses. 

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Liquid ant bait used to refill ant bait stations.
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A patent pending, rigid gel formulation that effectively kills common household ants.
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A thick syrup bait in a super sweet formula that ants will not be able to resist.
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Ready-to-use ant bait stations that are pre-filled with liquid formula which effectively kills all common household ants.
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A professional syrup insecticide bait that attracts ants, especially rover ants in hard to reach areas, including pharaoh and Argentine ants.
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A gelatin formula ant bait that allows feeding for more household ants at a time and eliminates messes and spills
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A liquid insecticide bait that protects your home inside and outside from ants with easy-to-use bait stations.

Borax is not just an ingredient in pesticides
Borax has a wide variety of applications; it’s most common being that of a cleaning agent.  Borax can also be found in cosmetics, household detergents and enamel glazes. It is also used as a fire retardant, anti-fungal compound, a texturing agent for cooking, and creates the base for other compounds containing boron.

Borax as a Pesticide
Insecticides containing borax target ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and fleas.  It also works as a fungicide and herbicide.

Mode of Action
When insects ingest Borax it immediately begins to dehydrate them, resulting in eventual death. However the process is not so quick as to prevent them from first carrying the substance with them back to their colonies where it contaminates the food supply.

Borax is considered a low-toxicity insecticide for its target pests, yet is practically non-toxic to humans, pets and other animals.  While it is considered a safe pesticide compared to others, it can cause adverse side affects if consumed in doses of more than 5 grams so Always read the product label before applying.

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