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Brown Patch Identification Guide

Learn What Brown Patch Fungus Disease Looks Like

By DoMyOwn staff

What Is Brown Patch?

brown patch fungal summer lawn disease
Brown patch is a fungal disease that affects many types of grass, but can be more severe on tall fescue, bentgrass types, and perennial ryegrass. It is a summer disease that, while it will brown your grass and make it unattractive, will generally not kill your turf completely and is not difficult to control.


brown patch typical lawn appearance size color
The appearance of brown patch can vary, but generally, you will see browned grass patches, anywhere from a foot to three feet in diameter, in a roughly circular shape, with a darkened colored border.

The grass inside the patches will have brown lesions and will usually thin significantly, but can also die completely. You will be left with sparse patches of grayish looking turf.

Effects of Brown Patch Fungus Disease

Brown patch does not affect the roots of the grass, so only the leaves will be affected.

It is a common summer turf disease, and affects almost all grass types, including perennial ryegrass, bentgrasses, and tall fescue.

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