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Brown Patch Treatment Guide

How to Get Rid of Brown Patch Fungus Disease In Lawns

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Apply The Right Product At The Right Time

Brown patch fungus can take hold of your lawn during the humid, hot weather in the summer. However, with the right timing and the right product, you can get rid of brown patch and begin to heal your damaged lawn.

Step 1

Apply A Preventative Fungicide

If your lawn has experienced brown patch damage in the past, you can apply a preventative fungicide product at about or before conditions are right for this disease to develop, which is prolonged heat and humidity.

Wait until temperatures are about 70 degrees before application, and continue application as often as the product label allows (usually every 2-4 weeks) until the conditions for disease development cease.

Step 2

Apply A Product That Is Labeled For Brown Patch Disease

Curative treatments, or treatments that will help to repair your lawn and get rid of the disease, are successful in controlling brown patch.

Choose a product labeled for controlling brown patch, and begin to apply as soon as you notice symptoms of the disease on your turf. Continue the fungicide applications until the grass has begun to recover and weather conditions favoring brown patch development are no longer present. Apply as often as your product label recommends, usually about every 2-4 weeks.

Brown Patch Treatment Infographic

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