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Cahaba Snake Trap - Large large trap
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Cahaba Snake Trap - Large

Cahaba Snake Trap - Large is constructed of commercial grade plastic making it durable for outdoor use. Each trap ships with 1 glue insert and measures 32 inches long to accommodate large snakes. Cahaba Snake Trap - Large is a more cost efficient product when compared to similar single use traps. Just replace the glue insert and you are ready to go again and again.

Use the Cahaba Snake Trap - Large at your home, in your lawn, at the hunting lodge or lake house, in your flower beds, just about anywhere you have snakes you can place the trap. The Cahaba Snake Trap - Large will work for you day and night, rain or shine.

Also effective at catching lizards, rodents, insects, spiders, and can be used inside the home for Brown Recluse Spiders.

If you are looking for a smaller trap, consider our Cahaba Snake Trap.

Product Documents

How are snakes attracted to Cahaba Snake Trap?

First you must place the trap in the correct location. In the wild, snakes seek cover for their protection and a place to hide. Cahaba Snake Trap give the appearance of both a place to hide and protection. The snake crawles in for his safety and a place to wait for food and is caught in the glue insert.


Why is Cahaba Snake Trap better than other similar products?

Cahaba snake trap is made of a higly ridgid plastic which makes it very strong. The plastic makes the trap water resistant and can be use in wet or damp places. The trap can be used when sprinklers are in use. The trap is made to be free standing. It is re-usable and can be used again and again, all you need to do is replace the glue inserts and if needed, you can order more inserts. The trap is consumer friendly and safe for children and pets. Cahaba Snake Trap is higly economical because it is re-usable. (Best trap on the market)

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04/15/2014 Ray from Charleston South Carolina

QCan the snake be humanely removed from Cahaba Snake Trap - Large

ACahaba Snake Trap - Large uses a glueboard to trap the snake. The snake cannot release itself and will die if left on the glueboard.  You can use vegetable oil though on the area the snake is glued to for removing it safely but the trap will be useless afterwards.  We do carry snake tongs as a means of snake removal.

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05/21/2015 Michelle from Houston, Tx

QWhat can we do to get rid of snakes?
They are pretty large and have a triangular shaped heads. The area in front of the building has high grass because it is holding standing water and supposedly can't be mowed. I think the snakes are either water moccassins or copperheads. They are getting brazen enough to come out of the grass and to the steps to the building. Keep in mind it keeps raining. Will this whatever you suggest work in those conditions?

AWe apologize those are very unfavorable conditions for snake control. You could use the Cahaba snake trap  in areas it would not be submerged in water. You may also want to contact your Cooperative Extension Office for further assistance. 

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05/29/2017 Lois from Brookville, Pa

QWould the Cahaba Snake Trap be a good solution for snakes in a pond? What do you recommend?
We have water snakes around our 3 acre pond. We use one area to swim.. but in with snakes!


The Cahaba Snake Trap† is used in your home, in your lawn, at the hunting lodge or lake house, in your flower beds, just about anywhere you have snakes you can place the trap. You may want to resort to trapping the snakes or grabbing them with Snake Tongs when you see them and remove them to new location. Keep in mind that snake traps are not completely weatherproof.

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