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Courtney from Roseville, Ca writes

Can Gentrol Point Source be used outdoors if it's kept out of the sun?

I need to control a cockroach problem outside and want the least toxic option available. Gentrol seems to be that and I like the idea of the point source instead of spraying my entire yard. Can I put the stations outside and just keep them out of the sun? Why can't you use it outside? Is it because of the photosensitivity or something else like not concentrating enough because of more airflow? Also, I have an organic garden. If the cockroaches die in the soil will the active ingredient be absorbed into the soil and effect my plants being truly organic?


Gentrol Point Source is only labeled to be used indoors for roaches and would not be effective to treat roaches outdoors nor will it eradicate roaches if used by itself. This product only inhibits the growth cyle and stops immature stages of roaches from developing into adults. An insecticide like Temprid FX would be recommended to use indoors as well as outdoors for effective roach control. For roaches outdoors, we would suggest using NyGuard IGR with Temprid FX for the exterior periemter foundation of the home, around windows, doors and other entry points. For insects in edible gardens, Pyganic Gardening would be a good choice.  The Gentrol Point Source discs, when activated release the insect growth regulator active ingredient through the filter paper that will disperse over a 75 sq ft area. These work best when used on top of refridgerators, cabinets, shelves,etc where the vapor can bounce off the ceiling to thoroughly cover the area/room. This slow release vapor is not harmful to humans or animals. 

Answer last updated on: 04/05/2021

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