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    Mixed Results

    By Allen on 08/29/2020

    I have used Caravan G and related product Heritage G for three summers in West Central Wisconsin. Both include the same fungicide with Caravan G also including an insecticide. The insecticide has some effect but is not noticeable for controlling ants or sod webworms. Ants are probably controlled for a few weeks, which is the same experience I have had with less expensive products. Grub control appears to be very effective with Caravan G. The insecticide in Caravan G has no noticeable effect on sod webworms in my yard where again, much less expensive insecticides have controlled them. Caravan G is convenient to use and it is helpful to have an insecticide combined with the fungicide. The fungicide in Caravan G is not effective in controlling red thread or other funguses in my yard. Each summer of use, I have hoped for better results and have seen some minor improvement this summer - the fungus arrived in mid-July rather than early in June as in many other years. But, now at the end of August, my yard looks just plain ugly with dead, matted grass throughout the lawn. Sure, it will eventually recover, but typically not until next spring. In the spring as well as early summer, my lawn is one of the best in the neighborhood. Right now, because of the uncontrolled fungus, it is one of the worst, even after spending over $600 on this product and one rotation of a different fungicide to avoid the fungus developing a tolerance to Caravan G. To summarize, I like the convenience of Caravan G, but it is expensive to use on a medium size (18,000 sf) lawn and the results do not support the price of the product.

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    Semi effective

    By Dave on 06/10/2022

    My Zoysia lawn had a mild fungal issue as well as some pesky insects. In one month I had to treat the 2000sf area three times according to the application directions do any noticeable results. Product is not very effective on fire ants. Hopefully I will not need to apply any more this season

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