Chapin Brass Fan Tip 1/4-inch .5 GPM Female (Part# 1-5941)

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Chapin Brass Fan Tip 1/4-inch .5 GPM Female (Part# 1-5941)

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1 Review | 2 Q&A

Product Overview

Chapin Brass Fan Tip 1/4-inch .5 GPM Female - (Part# 1-5941)

Fits the following sprayers:

1180   Premier Steel Sprayer - 1G

1253   Premier Stainless Steel Sprayer - 2

1280   Premier Steel Sprayer - 2G

1380   Premier Steel Sprayer - 3G

1449   Industrial Viton Concrete Funnel To

1480   Industrial Funnel Top General Duty

1749   Industrial Stainless Steel Sprayer

19049   Xtreme Industrial Concrete Sprayer

19069   Stainless Steel Xtreme Industrial C

19149   Industrial Concrete Sprayer w/dripl

19249   Xtreme Industrial Concrete S

1949   Industrial Viton Concrete Open Head

1979   Industrial Viton Concrete OH w/ Fil

1999   Industrial Viton Concrete Comp Char


22090   Industrial Poly Heavy Duty Sprayer

22149   Xtreme Industrial Concrete S

22170   Industrial Poly Concrete Sprayer -

22180   Industrial Poly Viton Concrete Spra

22190   Industrial Poly Viton Concrete Spra

22790   Industrial Poly Viton Heavy Duty

Features and Specs

Shipping Weight 0.04 lbs
Manufacturer Chapin (Mfg. Number: 1-5941)
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    Best tip for blanket turf spraying

    By Zack on 04/16/2014

    Verified Purchase

    With my Chapin 3 gallon XP Sprayer, the 0.5 GPM tip puts out 0.67 gallons per 1,000 SF at a normal walking pace. This is about right, as the lesser GPM tips would be too little product applied.

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Questions & Answers

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Will the Chapin Brass Fan Tip 1/4-inch .5 GPM Female - (Part# 1-5941) work on the 63985 Battery powered backpack sprayer to increase the flow rate?

The Chapin Brass Fan Tip 1/4-inch .5 GPM Female - (Part# 1-5941) will not work for the battery powered backpack sprayer Model#63985. We recommend that you use the 6-8096 Flat Fan Tip this one will increase the flow a bit.

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Will the treads on the Chapin 1-5941 spray tip match the extension wand of the 21210 Chapin sprayer?

Also how does the output compare to the adjustable brass fan tip? The adjustable fan tip does not adjust down to the low flow rate I need.


Yes, the 1-5941 nozzle will work on the wand for the 21210 sprayer.  The flow rate on the 1-5941 is .5 GPM verses the .4 GPM on the nozzle that comes standard on that sprayer.  If you're looking for a low flow rate, we would recommend either the .1 GPM fan (1-5915) or the .2 GPM (1-5933).

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