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Learn What Chinch Bugs Are & What They Look Like

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What Is a Chinch Bug?

A Chinch bugs is a small insect that can cause a lot of damage to your lawn. Chinch bugs belong to the "true bug" category, and have the piercing, sucking mouthparts that cause damage to your grass, causing your lawn to brown and die. It's important to be able to identify chinch bugs so you can control them quickly and effectively.


Size, Shape, & Color
Chinch bugs have different stages of growth with slightly different appearances at each stage.

Adult chinch bugs are oval shaped, with black and white wings with a triangle on the wings. Even at their most developed, they're very small, only about 1/5 of an inch long. Legs have a slight orange-brown color.

Immature chinch bugs start out very small and bright orange. Even though they have a bright color, they are small enough that they might be overlooked. As they develop, they darken at each stage, until they resemble the adult form.

All stages have piercing mouthparts that puncture the grass blades so they can feed on the grass. This action will inhibit water movement throughout the plant structure, which will cause it to die.

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