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Chinch Bug Treatment Guide

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Insecticides Work Well On Chinch Bugs

(When Applied Correctly)
Chinch bugs can be controlled well with insecticides. It's important to apply these at the right time and according to the directions.

Step 1

Apply Insecticide Products

After you have determined you have a chinch bug infestation, you can treat the infestation with an insecticide product (see product recommendations below).
  • Removing any excess thatch is a good idea before applying any products, since products need to reach where the chinch bugs are feeding.
  • Applying in early summer will help to kill the active nymphs before they mature into adult chinch bugs and mate again to produce the overwintering generation.
  • Products with synthetic pyrethroids are common. While they come in liquids and granules, liquid formulas are often preferred because the liquid has a better chance of reaching deep into the soil.
  • Make sure to read the label very carefully and follow all application instructions. Most chinch bug product applications must often be watered in thoroughly so they can reach the feeding layer of the chinch bugs.

Step 2

Cultural Control

(Proper Lawn Maintenance)
Just as in the chinch bug prevention guide, it is important to maintain a healthy turf and maintain thatch so your lawn can better fend off any infestations and also ensure your lawn isn't the best environment for chinch bug populations. Doing this in conjunction with an insecticide application will create a successful control program.

Chinch Bug Treatment Infographic

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