Chipco Signature Fungicide

Chipco Signature Fungicide

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Product Overview

Chipco Signature is a unique fungicide. Chipco Signature is really systemic, working its way through the plant from top to bottom. Use this product in every season to provide fundamental turf quality and management of disease. Make the overall quality of your turf better through enhanced color, increased density, improved uniformity, and most importantly improved playability. Chipco Signature does this by guarding your turf from harm during the summer and winter decline using StressGard Formulation Technology.

Fungicides, like Chipco Signature, made with StressGard FT provide more than disease control; they enhance photosynthesis and respiration so the plant can flourish under otherwise stressful conditions. StressGard FT produces denser turf above ground and better root systems below. Controlling disease is easier when the plant itself is less stressed.

Chipco Signature is an excellent choice for use in the control of Pythium diseases. Integrate into your seasonal program and control common turfgrass diseases such as yellow tuft, root rot, and blight.

Chipco Signature can be used on turfgrass areas in residential areas or commercial areas like sports fields, golf courses, and sod farms.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Fosetyl-Al 80%
Target pests Anthracnose, bentgrass deadspot, Pythium diseases, summer turfgrass decline, yellow tuft, blight, root rot
For use in Golf courses, sod farms, sports fields, residential, commercial, and other turfgrass areas
Formulation Professional Product
Group 7 Fungicide
Shipping Weight 5.65 lbs
Manufacturer Envu (Formerly Bayer)
EPA Registration 432-890


Proven improvement in turf quality during stress periods

  • Unsurpassed turf quality
  • Helps turf self manage stress
  • Provides Pythium control
  • Tank mix options with many fungicides
  • No disease resistance for more than 20 years

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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Will Chipco signature control mushrooms in the lawn?

looking for a product that is pet safe as well as effective in controlling mushrooms

Chipco Signature is not labeled to control mushrooms. We recommend you contact your local cooperative extension office and get the mushroom identified and the master gardener on staff should be able to tell you what will work to eliminate the type of mushroom you are dealing with.

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