Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit - 18 in. Wand

Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit - 18 in. Wand

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Product Overview

The Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit - 18 in. Wand features a durable and low maintenance design that provides significant cost savings. It is a lightweight and portable spray unit that may be used for residential and small commercial sites that need insecticide treatments. This compact unit works with a low volume of insecticide formulation and high volume of air. The mixture is atomized in a special nozzle, for precise and continuous spraying. The aerosol that is released penetrates further, reaching target insects in hidden spaces like voids, crevices and cracks. The aerosol sprayer is used to control and eliminate ants, cockroaches, bees, bedbugs, termites, stored product pests and more. This compact unit has standard connectors, an 18 inch wand and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Use a three-prong grounded heavy-duty extension cord when operating this unit (Not Included)

Features and Specs

Target pests Ants, Cockroaches, Bees, Bedbugs, Termites, Stored Product Pests and others
For use in Residential & Small Commercial areas: Controlling & Eliminating insects
Application Used in Hidden Spaces: Voids, Cracks & Crevices
Dimensions 13.5 in. x 6.75 in. x 7 in.
Voltage 110 VAC, 60Hz, 3 Amps
Tank Size (gal.) 28 oz.
Material / Construction Compressor Type: Diaphragm
Spray Pattern Spray Output: 0.49 oz./minute & 12 psi Droplet Size (average): 10 micron Droplet Size (range): 2.4 - 20+ micron
Hose Length (in.) 15 ft. coiled hose
Wand Length (in.) 12 in.
Pressure (PSI) Liquid: 12 - 20 psi Air: 30 psi
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight 21.00 lbs
Manufacturer Actisol (Mfg. Number: B290300-18)


Other Features and Benefits of Actisol Compact Units:

Advanced Technology - The Actisol Compact Unit mixes a low volume of insecticide with a high volume of air, atomizing the mixture in a special nozzle. The atomization nozzle produces a high proportion of ideally-sized insecticide particles in a continuous high volume air-stream. The aerosol penetrates further to reach target insects in the most hidden recesses of cracks, crevices and voids. This improved penetration is DEEP HARBORAGE pest control.

Deep Harborage Application - The Actisol Compact Unit, because of its advanced technology and design, forces insecticide to reach target insects where they live – in DEEP HARBORAGES. The constant high volume air-flow causes the ideally-sized insecticide particles to penetrate deeper into cracks and crevices.

Increased Efficacy from Insecticides - The Actisol Compact Unit allows effective pest elimination with less toxic and less persistent insecticides. Effective pest control is achieved using less insecticide, more efficiently and economically than other application methods.

Outperforms Other Application Methods - The Actisol Compact Unit optimizes chemical application – less chemical and better efficacy. Compressed air atomization delivers up to 3- 1/2 times more aerosol action for less than half the cost of other application methods.

Developed For Professionals By Professionals - The Actisol Compact Unit can be counted on to work dependably on the job because of its durable, low maintenance design. Using an Actisol Compact Unit projects a professional high-tech image to your residential and small commercial accounts enhancing the value of your service. It comes with a full one-year factory warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Convenient To Use - The stainless steel custom-designed wand is lightweight and easy to use, even in hard to reach areas. The crack and crevice void injection tip allows easy entry into small openings without over spray into non-target areas. The drop in tank filter automatically removes debris from insecticides. A pressure relief valve is built into the fill cap. The unit weighs only 17.5 pounds and its ideal for residential and small commercial accounts.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Are you supposed to put mix or concentrate in an Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit?

You will need to refer to the product label of the insecticide you plan on using as you will need to follow the dilution ratio set forth by the manufacturer, even when using the Actisol.  When using an Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit, we would not recommend that you use any wettable powders or a microencapsulated product. Otherwise any insecticide can be used in it really.

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Can an Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit fit into a B&G Jr size carrying case?

Yes, the Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit should fit in a case like the B&G Carrying Case - (Junior Size - Model 763).

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