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Clearcast Aquatic Herbicide

Clearcast Aquatic Herbicide controls many different species of floating, emergent and shoreline weeds. This product controls the entire plant, including the root system. Plants will stop growing within 24 hours and slowing will breakdown. Clearcast can be applied to many aquatic sites, including golf course ponds, ditches, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, estuarine and marine sites, marshes, bayous, arroyos, swamps, canals, streams, rivers, creeks, and other slow moving or still bodies of water. It may also be applied to non crop sites to control terrestrial and riparian vegetation. Clearcast is a great option because it is non toxic to most aquatic species and has flexible application. Clearcast has many different options for application - by a sprayer, drawback, surface, or aerial. Must be used with a non ionic surfactant if applied with a sprayer.

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05/28/2014 Ray from Coahoma, Tx

QWill Clearcast Aquatic Herbicide kill aquatic life such as turtles, frogs, or ducks?

AClearcast Aquatic Herbicide will not harm aquatic life when applied as directed. The idea is that you do not treat the hole body of water at one time. You apply in sections. Please refer to the product label for application or call us 866-581-7378.

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05/19/2014 Ray from Coahoma, Texas

QIs this product safe to irrigate off to a cow pasture?
I want to use this to kill cattails in sewer ponds, but we irrigate the water off to a cow pasture. I don't want to kill any cows.

APer the Clearcast Aquatic Herbicide product label (Page 3), if you are treating more than 25% of the surface it cannot be used for this purpose. If you are applying less than 2 qts per acre (more than a 4 ft deep pond) than it will be ok to use per the manufacturer.

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05/22/2014 Matt from Georgetown

QDo you have Clearcast Aquatic Herbicide in stock? What are your recommendations when treating Japanese
Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum)


We are able to pick up the Clearcast Aquatic Herbicide from our local vendors.  Are you trying to treat in an aquatic setting?

Battleship is our most popular herbicide for knotweed control. Battleship III gives you superior post-emergent control of tough broad-leaf weeds on lawns and other landscaped areas. Its 2,4-D free formulation is effective in cool and warm-season turf.  The advanced "three-way" formulation contains Triclopyr, Fluroxypyr and MCPA in an easy-to-use liquid formulation

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04/22/2016 Steve

QCan I eat the fish out of my pond after I use Clearcast Aquatic Herbicide?


Yes, you can eat the fish from your pond after use of Clearcast †Aquatic Herbicide†as it is an aquatic herbicide specifically for use in areas with fish without harming the fish or those who may consume the fish in the pond.

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05/14/2014 James from Georgetown, Sc

QWill Clearcast kill pennywort?

AYes the Clearcast kill the pennywort. According to the product label: Use 32-64 ounces of Clearcast per acre for pennywort. Repeat application may be necessary.

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