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    Not Adequate

    By Sid on 09/26/2015

    I have a small bricked in patio 18x18 with a planterbed all the way around....for 18 years i have fought rats on and off and they never go away entirely no matter how vigilant. One of the problems is that this poison will never kill an entire group. I think it is a combination of things - but two things have become clear to me...rats are smart and this productis too watered down. The poison that is sold to regular consumers is weak. The good stuff (white powder version) that they walk in and then groom eachother back in the next, is the same but at a much stronger concentration...BUT IT IS NOT SOLD TO ANYONE WITHOUT A SPECIAL CERTIFICATION. This results in a situation in which you can't get enough of it to do the job because pest control guys put out only a little which has the effect of increasing their business. Sorry to be so cynical...but after 18 years of this problem...i am confident about what i am saying.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    We are sorry to hear you are having such a hard time controlling the rodent population on your property. Please don't be discouraged in your efforts! Contrac is not a consumer product, it is a professional product used by pest control companies. Having said that, we would recommend you use a product that has a much faster kill to wipe out the rat population quickly as you seem to live in a high population area. Fastrac works within 12-24 hours. Contrac by comparison can take up to 7 days. You should also make a few environmental changes to make your home less favorable to these rodents. You can learn more about these changes by reading our Rat Treatment Guide and our Rat prevention Guide: Please let us know if we can be of further assistance after you review these guides. We are always happy to help!

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    Rats love it but can they become immune to the blox ?

    By Wes on 06/03/2017

    Went thru 1 x 18 pound tub in 1 year. No sign of a dead rat? Been putting 3 blox per box every 3 weeks I have 5 traps boxes. I am on my 2nd 18 lb tub and its down to 3/4 now. There are rat droppings in the traps like they are eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can you please help me?

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    We apologize you are not seeing the expected results. The issue is most likely that not enough rodenticide is being used at each baiting station and the rat population is likely much higher than anticipated. We recommend making sure you fill each box and check it once a week and refill as needed. It is unlikely that the rats are resistant to the bait but they may not be getting enough at each feeding to kill them. It is also not unusual to not see dead rats. Rats are known to seek shelter when they feel unwell which often leads to them not being seen when they succumb to the effects of the bait.

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    Blox did not work

    By Eric on 06/28/2010

    Verified Purchase

    Bought this product because of great reviews. I used the product inside the Protecta Mouse Bait Stations. The Bait stations allowed water inside so that could have been an issue. I will continue to try the blox and maybe try to find a location that allows as little moisture as possible. Currently they are in locations that should not have a great amount of exposure such as under a balcony next to a deck and house. I don't believe the mice took any bait. Snap traps seem to yield me a mouse a day. I even put the stations next to the traps hoping that might work!

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    Fat Rats

    By Phil on 03/15/2019

    I’ve fed 2 pails of the poison to my rats, they just keep coming, getting healthier everyday. I thought from other reviews that this would work. I’ve even had them in an enclosed trap. They continue to eat the blocks but don’t die. Any help on a better product would be appreciated.

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    No appetite from mice

    By Gls on 01/08/2021

    Might be too early to tell but compared to the other brand I was using I’m not seeing any activity when placed side by side with another brand. The mice don’t seem to like the taste or aroma.

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