Contrasting Specimen Inspection Kit (Bed Bug Detection Kit)

Contrasting Specimen Inspection Kit (Bed Bug Detection Kit)

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Product Overview

Contrasting Specimen Inspection Kit (Bed Bug Detection Kit) is a great product for bed bug inspecting, making it easier for detecting and inspecting for bed bugs. Proteins from caste skins, eggs, undigested blood, and 1st instar nymphs will glow. When you wear the orange filter googles and use the combined 455 nm light, it will add vivid contrast to the inspection. The light sources, which emits a blue light (not black light), will allow you to visualize latent signs and other physical infestations. Must wear orange goggles that are included. The flashlight with blue LED has Aerospace-grade aluminum tempered Pyrex Lens; w/ Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized.


1) Darken the room or area

2) Shine the light at different surfaces where physical evidence may be found

3) Document and collect the specimens

Product Documents

Features and Specs

Target pests Bed bugs
For use in Indoor residential and commercial areas.
Application Darken the room and shine the light on the surfaces of the room to find any undigested blood, caste skins, eggs and ungrown nymphs. Then collect and document the specimens.
Material / Construction Aerospace-grade aluminum tempered Pyrex Lens for flashlight
Special Features Weight of the flashlight with rechargeable battery is 8.7 ounces.
Estimated batteries life is 300 hours without a significant decrease in power output. Estimated lifetime of LEDs is about 11 years. The flashlight has been shock tested with a drop test of ten feet.
Parts Included (1) One pair of orange filter premium goggles
(1) One pair of needle nose forceps
(1) One blue high intensity rechargeable flashlight
(3) Three specimen 4x magnifiers
(4) Four Interception Zone Monitors
(1) One Live Hinge Carrying case
Shipping Weight 1.53 lbs
Manufacturer PestWest (Mfg. Number: 793742)

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Can the Constrasting Specimen Inspection Kit be used to detect other blood sucking insects?

The Contrasting Specimen Inspection Kit has only been tested for bed bugs so we can only recommend it for that use at this time.

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