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Sam writes

Does the Onslaught and the Alpine Yellow Jacket kit work on "paper wasps"?

I have a large problem with "paper wasps" which are different from the "traditional" wasp.


The Onslaught that comes in this kit will kill just about any type of wasp if they make contact with the product. The idea behind this kit is that you mix the Onslaught with a food item and wasps take the food item back to their nest and share it with the other wasps, killing the colony. If you have a type of wasp that does not take bait, then the kit would not be very effective. You can set out a few different food items to see if the wasps are attracted to them. If the wasps are attracted then you can use the kit successfully. If the wasps are not attracted to the food, then you should consider just spraying an insecticide such as Onslaught topically to areas where there has been wasp activity. Here are a few recommended baits: raw chicken pieces, raw fish, canned tuna, cat food, or fruit juice. Raw chicken pieces or tuna tend to work the best.

Answer last updated on: 05/15/2011

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