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Edgar from Phoenix, Az writes

Does the this product act as a pre-emergent or only as a post-emergent?

My company removes grass for artificial turf installation. We usually sod cut the grass about 3 inches leaving it with dirt. I am looking for a product that will kill the seeds and any existing grass or weeds including nut grass in the grass are, that is around.


Roundup Pro Concentrate is non selective post emergent only and will not prevent anything from growing at all and there is no product that will kill seeds.  It would be used to kill anything actively growing and healthy only.

Eraser Max Super Concentrate contains the same active along with a soil sterilant that can prevent weeds for up to 1 year in the treated area if you do not want anything live to grow

For selective control, meaning only prevents for a few months depending on the rate used as listed on the label. You would want to use either a granule you can water in like Hi Yield with Dimension granules, or if you prefer a liquid it also comes in a 1/2 gallon jug under Dimension 2EW

Answer last updated on: 04/13/2021

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