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Doveweed Inspection Guide

Where and When Does Doveweed Grow?

By DoMyOwn staff
Image showing a patch of doveweed among other grass

Doveweed is an annual weed in the day flower group that grows most prominently in the summer. It is also a plant that often resembles desirable grasses until it reaches full size. While the grassy blades of doveweed can blend in with other turfs, this weed does display characteristics that help you spot doveweed on your lawn.

Doveweed plants are generally lower to the ground, but can reach a height of up to 12 inches.

When Am I Likely to Find Doveweed?

Doveweed tends to germinate a little later than other summer annual weeds. You're likely to see it sprouting and growing visibly in the late spring and early summer when soil temperatures have risen to somewhere between 65 and 70 degrees F.

Where Does Doveweed Grow?

Image of gloved hands inspecting a doveweed plant in grass

Doveweed loves moisture, and you're likely to find it growing in areas of your lawn that sit low and collect more water than the high ground. This weed is often intermixed with the primary turf of your lawn, but can be spotted with a bit of knowledge from our Doveweed Identification Guide. The shiny, lance-shaped leaves and colorful flowers (blooming in the summer) are probably the most visible signs that you've found a patch of dove weed.

The doveweed plant favors warmer climates with plenty of moisture, so it's most often found in the Southern United States. Doveweed is commonly spotted in states as far North as Virginia or North Carolina, down to Florida, and West into Texas. If you spot the small blue or purple flowers in your lawn among other grasses, you have probably found a patch of doveweed.

While doveweed can live and grow among the turf of a mowed lawn, it is also commonly found in plant beds and other mulched areas.

Found doveweed in your lawn? Learn how to kill doveweed in the next part of our 4-part guide. Click the right arrow below to read more.

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