Insect Dust & Dusters


Dusts and dusters are both incredibly important tools in the pest control toolbox. There are many pests that respond best to products that are delivered in dust form, and among these pest species are roaches, fleas and ants. Dusts are very handy for many pest control applications because they retain their insect killing power over an indefinite amount of time, and will continue controlling infestations long after they have been applied. In addition there are many safe, organic and natural options in the dust category for pest control.

Here you will find all of the dusts, dusters and accessories you will need to get your pest control done right the first time, while still saving you money versus hiring a professional company to do your insect dusting for you. Should you need any help, unlimited expert advice is always available online or over the phone to guide you through each step of the pest elimination process.

How Do I Use Insect & Bug Dusts?

Once you choose the proper dust for your situation, you will need to get the proper product to apply it to the area that is suffering from the infestation. The best things to use to properly apply the dust to the problem are some of our specially designed dusters that will get the product directly to the pests.

Are Dusts Dangerous?

There is absolutely no danger when using pest control dusts in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and most of these products are no more toxic to humans and domestic animals than table salt. But as always there are some precautions that should be taken. Because most of these dusts can cause minor irritation to the skin and nasal passages, it is not a bad idea to invest in some safety equipment such as gloves and respirators before attempting to apply any dust products.

Are There Pests Dusts Don’t Work On?

Yes, flying insects are unlikely to come into contact with the dusts as they are traditionally applied, so they are not useful for infestations of insects such as flies and mosquitoes. For these pests, aerosols or insect foggers are much more effective. There are also no dusts that are useful against insects such as termites, because it is impractical to get the product deep enough inside the structure to combat the problem. In addition they rarely are used to target the large colonies and nests that are typical of termite infestations.

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