Bug Duster - Battery Powered Dust Applicator

4 out of 5 stars 3 Reviews | 8 Q&A

Bug Duster - Battery Powered Dust Applicator
Bug Duster - Battery Powered Dust Applicator
Bug Duster - Battery Powered Dust Applicator
Bug Duster - Battery Powered Dust Applicator

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Average Rating

4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4

3 Reviews | 8 Q&A

Product Overview

The Bug Duster is a versatile dust applicator that was made with the PCO in mind. From the flexible wand that allows you to maneuver into hard to reach areas while the LED light that is built into the handle shines a light on the area that is being treated, to the large 32 oz. reservoir that allows you to spend more time applying and less time filling, to the battery that lasts several days on a single charge, the Bug Duster allows you to get the job done faster without having to wait around. The 24 in. wand that is connected to the 48 in. hose will let you get to even the hardest places to reach like ceiling tiles, bathroom equipment, and kitchen equipment.

See the videos below for a demonstration.

Features and Specs

For use in Insect control, indoor, outdoor, hard to reach areas
Application dust
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed.
Shelf Life Based on Battery 5 years
Number of bulbs 1 LED bulb
Voltage 12 Volt
Sprayer Type Backpack - Electric/Battery Powered
Tank Size (gal.) 32 oz.
Hose Length (in.) 48 in.
Wand Length (in.) 24 in.
Special Features Fully Assembled. Smooth fabric reinforced vinyl case easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Hand straps, shoulder straps and belt loops provide three carry options. Thumb activated switch on handle. LED light on handle. Sealed air pump. Electric control module - on/off Switch.
Parts Included Vinyl carrying case with shoulder straps and belt loops. Battery and charger. Air comressor. Hose with flexible, durable wand. Material reservoir. Angled brass tip
Shipping Weight 6.25 lbs
Manufacturer American Durable Inc (Mfg. Number: BD100)



  • Large, high density polyethylene material reservoir externally mounted to the carrying case.
  • Smooth fabric reinforced vinyl case easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.
  • Rugged 4.5 amp hour, 12-volt battery lasts several days on a single charge.
  • Sealed air pump.
  • Thumb operated activation switch on the handle.
  • Triple LED work light means no need to carry a separate light source.
  • Solid state battery charger prevents overcharging. Only five hours to fully charge.
  • Flexible, durable wand.
  • Hand straps, shoulder straps and belt loops provide three carrying options.

NOTE: Areas of high humidity can cause problems with the duster and cause the unit to not work effectively, the unit is not defective. 

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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    Great duster - Cheap construction - Too expensive

    By John on 09/08/2015

    Verified Purchase

    I want to give this 3.5 stars but the rating system won't let me. PROS- It's a great duster, I love using it. It really allows me to apply the perfect amounts of dust to all sorts of weird places. If you do a lot of dusting, I definitely recommend it. The long wand & light are great features. CONS- This is really only practical for COMMERCIAL use. The design is so cheap. Its basically built attached to a glorified kids lunch box. The color - BRIGHT RED? Couldn't make it Gray? Black? Brown? The housing is soft, not sturdy. I'm always paranoid that I'm going to break it in the truck. The dust container sits inside a zipper compartment which constantly slides down and makes it loose. If this thing was $200 or less, i'd give it 5 stars... but $400 for a duster inside of a bright red childs lunch box... I just don't know. Final Thoughts - I operate a bed bug extermination company. I use this thing a lot, so I can justify having it. Ask yourself if you can REALLY put this thing to good use before you buy it.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Love This Bug Duster

    By Susan on 05/16/2019

    I have used the bug duster - battery powered dust applicator with food grade diatomaceous earth for 5 years to kill all kinds of bugs around the outside of the house. We have used an exterminator but the carpenter ants were still getting in (we're surrounded by trees). I simply spray it around the foundation of the house and under the deck. I do it after every rain event in case some of the DE has washed away. If there is a nest of ants, I flip over the rock with the duster in hand and spray away. I love the fact that if birds eat the insects, it will not harm them as it is not poison. After 5 years the battery died and I am thrilled batteries are available.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Works Better Than It Looks

    By John on 01/25/2021

    Just did my first service with the Bug Duster. First, the appearance of the Bug Duster is underwhelming at over $400 in cost. You will have to get over the initial feeling that you have been "hosed again with another equipment farce." The Bug Duster worked very well for me and delivered well. I really like the light that is a part of the system. I like the way dust products can be delivered to the target areas in manageable amounts. You can control delivery. Worked great on my first service. Now, we will see if the Bug Duster will stand up over time and abuse. How did Bug Duster makers come up with the price?

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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
Can the wand be extended about 3 feet on the Bug Duster?

I don't care about the nozzle, what we need to do is apply talc powder in controlled locations in a production sorting machine while it is stopped but without crawling down into it.

The wand length is 24" long with a 48" long hose.  We have spoken with the manufacturer and at this time they stated there is nothing that can extend the wand.

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30 day money back guarantee for Bug Duster - Battery Powered Dust Applicator

If I try it and don't like it, do I send it back to DoMyOwnPestControl or must I deal with the manufacturer?

Bug Duster - Battery Powered Dust Applicator does have a 30 day money back through the manufacturer. Meaning that if you are unhappy with the product after 30 days, you can contact us, we will refund you and then the company will credit us.

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Can you remove and replace the battery or is it built in? Are other parts replaceable on the unit?
The Bug Duster comes with a battery and a charger. According to the manufacturer, the Bug Duster can last for several days on a single charge depending on how much you use it. This product is new to our inventory so for other questions, the manufacturer would better be able to assist you as they will be an expert on their own product. You can reach American Durable at 651-455-6314.

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Can I regulate the Bug Duster for amount of dust released?

The amount of dust the Bug Duster - Battery Powered Dust Applicator applies is controlled/less only when used the included angled brass tip as shown in the video here.

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Why are there no reviews on this if it has been out five years?

I need a duster, and I watched the videos on this one. The only thing I am concerned about is the fact that there are no reviews on this product. It just seems like a lot to give for a 30 day guarantee and no reviews; however, I liked what I saw in the video. I just live on a fixed income and money is tight. Is there any place on the internet where this product has reviews?

Bug Duster - Battery Powered Dust Applicator is considered a newer product for us. We apologize there are not more reviews. For more specific information regarding reviews please contact American Durable at 800-663-4043.

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