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    Better than nothing

    By Joe on 11/19/2011

    This thing may have saved my lawn, but not by much. My lawn (St Augustine grass in central TX) was about 50% dead with actively feeding grubs when I decided to try Dylox - store bought brands were not working. I applied as recommended, with higher density application in test areas, just to see how well it worked. It is advertised to kill grubs in 24 hrs, but 4 days later, I still found plenty of actively feeding grubs, and the lawn was still dying, though at a slightly slowed pace. I would say Dylox is about 25% effective, better than nothing, but no miracle...

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    Not the answer we were looking for

    By Jeff on 10/14/2022

    Used this poison twice within a 7 - 10 day period and watered it into the grass as directed. Killed some of the grubs, but left as many as it killed. You'll pay twice as much buying here, than other distributors, so shop around.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)