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    Great Spreader, Suggest one easy correction to make perfect.

    By Jim on 05/13/2020

    Just purchased this spreader a 3 month's ago. I have a large 14,000 sq ft yard, and have used it for Lime, Fertilizer, and Pre- Emergent,. The three openings spread the product very well, and it has a edge shut off where only 2 openings spread on the right side for along drives etc. My only issue the first time I used it was that I did not really tighten down enough the very small metal wing nut to set my opening. It is very small, and hurts my older fingers to really tighten it down. You must push the handle forward just as you begin to push the spreader forward. And when stopping at the end of a row, pull the handle back as you are stopping. That is the correct way. The first time, as I was spreading, stopping at the end of each row, and turning around, and pushing the handle forward every time, I did not notice that the wing nut was not holding the setting I had set, and had moved forward. Then I noticed that more product was going down on my lawn. I think the small wing nut should be made bigger, to grab your fingers on, and turn it tight enough to hold the setting you chose. I now carry a small pliers with me to really tighten the setting wing nut. NOTE: The piece of plastic that holds the setting should be metal, as I worry it will crack if I tighten it down to much. Still like the spreader over the Scotts it replaced. Sure would like a bigger wing nut, and a metal setting piece though.

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