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    Ants a problem

    By Lewshu on 06/25/2011

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    Doesn't seem to kill ants. Still have small ants crawling up the side of the house, and getting in the house.

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    Works well but residual effect not THAT great.

    By Nancy on 05/27/2012

    Very thick formula! (for a newbie, I assume thats a good thing. Like using Tide to clean your clothes as opposed to the cheaper Dollar Store stuff) Despite the thick formula it really dilutes well in water. The 'squeeze what you need' measuring cap is pretty cool. It takes the guesswork out of measuring the correct ratio of pesticide to water. The smell is not bad. Typical pesticide smell, but not too strong, and it fades away quickly. Areas with foot traffic and air flow (living room, foyer) being the fastest to fade, with opposite areas fading less quickly. (finished basements, garages) There is no staining, which is good as you are trying to master the flow of a spray wand. (my baseboards & painted walls don't look like I tried to paint a swiss cheese border!) I bought this product for killing spiders. Period. And except for jumping spiders, they all pretty much die instantly. Even the scary big & bad ones I got. (wolf, black widow) I did have a carpenter bee issue and this product has made that a thing of the past. They don't die right away after being hit, but they will. (lol) And the ones that missed out on the spraying that come back, figure out pretty quickly that they can't nest in the treated area any longer and don't come back. (you do have to really soak the infested wood, the holes, and hit it again a day or two later though) The only problem is, that the long term residual properties that the manufacturer really touts with this product aint all that. Thats what is supposed to separate this product from a can of Raid, right? And thats why it's price tag is hefty, right? So far with spiders it seems that unless you spray every single corner, every single light fixture, every single decking board etc, you're beat. They will be seen again soon in any untreated spots. (even inches or so away from where the spray went)And as advised on the label, water & rain water will wash away the kill effects quickly. I WILL buy this product again because of how well it dealt with my carpenter bee problem, but not for killing spiders. :)

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