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Essentria General Household Spray bottle(16 oz.)
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Essentria General Household Spray

Essentria General Household Insect Control is a new product in the safe and effective Essentria line.  The General Household spray comes in a ready to use spray bottle for easy application.  Made with plant oil extracts, Essentria General Household Spray is a safe and effective product that provides fast knockdown of a wide variety of pests in and around your home.  Essentria General Household Spray can even be used on countertops, appliances, and inside and around cabinets.

This product used to be sold and marketed under the Envincio brand name.

Spray target area until wet. For best results, ensure product comes into direct contact with target pest.
Thoroughly spray non-visible areas where these insects are usually found with special attention to cracks and crevices, niches, dark corners, drains and other harborage sites.
May be used around appliances, on countertops, in and around cabinets.
Reapply as needed.

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    4 of 5 stars  So much better than poison
    By M. in Atlanta, GA on 05/01/2013
    Verified Purchase

    This gets 4 stars only because I haven't had much opportunity to use it, yet. We have 2 dogs in the house, and I try to not poison them or us. Every spring, we have an influx of tiny ants that get in the house and head for the dog food or kitchen. Ant traps and diatomaceous earth were not having an effect. Bought this, sprayed it on the ant trail, and the ants died IMMEDIATELY. Plus, it smells lovely! My husband used it on a spider (shame on him, spiders are good) and it worked for that, too. Why use poison? It's not cheap, but I feel better buying it than the cheap stuff. What's THAT worth??!

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    5 of 5 stars  Love it
    By in Atlanta, GA on 08/27/2013
    Verified Purchase

    We have been overrun by tiny ants, this year. I think this stuff smells great (it can be a bit overpowering when you freak out about a bug outbreak and spray too much but, other than that, it's a NICE smell, I think!) - and even my dogs don't mind it. And - one spritz and the ants die. We haven't tried it on many other pests, yet (I guess because it's a wet year, we have lots of BIG cockroaches, too - yuck), but I am so happy to have something that I don't have to WORRY about spraying.

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  • 4 of 5 stars  Essentria General Household Spray is Super
    By Jennifer in New Orleans, LA on 05/24/2012
    Verified Purchase

    This would have gotten 5 stars if it had been cheaper. Other than that, it was great! It does the trick, for sure.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Addendum to my "Love it!" review - word of warning
    By Martha in North Georgia on 02/25/2014
    Verified Purchase

    The product *is* flammable, as we discovered when my husband killed a bunch of ants with it just before soldering a pipe next to where he sprayed it. Watch out!

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08/03/2014 Audrey from Deerfield Beach Fl

QRosemary Oil and Peppermint Oil make up 1.50 % each. What is the balance ingredients please?


Active ingredients in the Essentria General Household Spray is listed below.

Rosemary Oil..............1.50%

Peppermint Oil.......... 1.50% 


Water, 2-Propanol, Wintergreen Oil, White Mineral Oil, Polyglyceryl Oleate, Sodium Benzoate, Nitrogen .................. 87.00% 

TOTAL:...................... 100.0%

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10/21/2014 Steve from Salt Lake City, Ut

QWill Essentria General Household Spray kill box elder bugs indoors?

AEssentria General Household Spray tends to leave an oily residue in visible areas. EcoVia would be a better option. It is labeled for Boxelder control and will leave a longer lasting residual.

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04/05/2015 Tag from Dallas Tx

QHow long will Essentria General Household Spray last around the outside door area?

AEssentria General Household Insect Control does not have a residual. The targeted pest should be sprayed directly and repeat applications if necessary per the product label.

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10/31/2014 Karen from Plano Texas

QIs Essentria General Household Insect Control safe to use on marina for spiders. Safe for water

AEssentria General Household Insect Control is safe to use on marine vessels per the product label and does not pose any harm to aquatic life.  EcoVia EC would also be a good product to use as a concentrate for spiders at a marina

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07/11/2014 Debra from Oneonta, New York

QWill Essentria General Household Spray work on a small wasp nest forming under our deck railing?

AEssentria General Household Spray is not labeled for wasp. Wasp Freeze would be great product to use. You want to drench the nest in the early morning or late evening and then wait a few days. Lastly, scrape the nest off.

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09/23/2015 Mary from Mountain View

QDoes Essentria General Household Spray get rid of silverfish?


Essentria General Household Spray is labeled for various type of flying and crawling insects. It will kill the silverfish. We would recommend using the Dekko Silverfish Packs as well. Place two to three packs in each infested area you are trying to control. Silverfish may take several days to a few weeks to control, depending on conditions.

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