Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package

Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package
Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package
Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package
Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package

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Product Overview

The Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package is the latest innovation in dust and fine bait application technology from Technicide. This handheld, battery-operated applicator offers excellent precision and ease of use that could make every project at least 70% faster. It also applies the exact amount of fine bait and dust necessary to get rid of pests which can save users a lot of money and clean-up. With its plastic applicator wand, treating indoor or outdoor crevices, cracks and other hard to reach areas is now easier than ever. Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package also features quick-change cannisters for reduced down times. Rugged, and built with long-lasting materials, this applicator is fit for professional use. The deluxe kit comes with 2 batteries. 

Features and Specs

Pet safe Yes, if followed as directed on the label.
Parts Included 1 Exacticide PFC, 1 Nozzel Cap, 1 Carrying Case, 2 Makita Batteries, 1 Dock-style Battery Charger, 2 Dust Canisters, 2 Wands (12 inches)
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer Technicide, Inc. (Mfg. Number: deluxe)


Quick Start Guide

1. Smart Charger:

Remove the battery charger from the carrying case and plug it into a 110v outlet. Place the battery saddle on the battery terminals matching the plus sign mark on the saddle with the terminal plus sign mark on the battery. You should then see a solid red light on the charger. If you see a blinking red light, you may have not have properly matched the plus signs. If the charger terminal has been correctly placed and the light is still blinking, then the battery could be in need of a charge. Leave the battery on the charger for at least 10 minutes until the light turns to solid red. The light will turn green when the charge is complete. Set the charger on 1 for quick charge or 2 for slow trickle charge to preserve the overall life of the battery.

2. Loading Pesticide:
Loading dust or fine granules: once you have filled the canister provided with the product of your choice, turn the Exacticide over and screw the canister on by twisting it into the Exacticide receiver lid. While tightening the canister in place, hold the mounded receiver lid with one hand while screwing the canister into place. Turn the Exacticide over into the upright position to begin an application. **Before squeezing the trigger set the volume control dial to the lowest setting and slowly turn the dial up until you hear the air pump come on. Then adjust to desired flow rate. (located to the left of the trigger)

3. Dust and Granule Usage:
Do not mix dust, unless authorized by Technicide. Do not use Drione in the Exacticide. Do not use large granules, only use granules with “FG” in the name or on the label. “FG” stands for fine granule. Do not use liquids in the Exacticide.

4. Maintenance - Clearing and Lubing the Impeller:
Clear the impeller after each use by simply turning the Exacticide over into the same position that was used to load the canister. Squeeze the trigger while the tip is in a target void of your last targeted treatment area. While doing this, tap the side of the canister so all dust falls from the impeller. This procedure allows only air to pass through the manifold and clears the impeller. At the end of each day, repeat this procedure and remove the canister. Once the canister is removed, squirt dry graphite lubricant into the small square hole in the semi-center of the receiver lid. One squirt is all that is needed. Run the Exacticide for a few seconds. Reinstall the canister held product and store in the case provided; and, with the case stored upright.

5. The Use of Extension Hoses:
While using extension hoses, dust will build up on the walls of the hose. This build up can be managed by periodically turning the Exacticide over during application to allow only air to blow through. This method will help to reduce build up and periodic bursts of dust.

6. Application Tips and Extensions:
Only use tips, wands and extensions manufactured by Technicide specially for the Exacticide. Other devices may damage the tool and/or hinder performance.

For more information, please visit our YouTube channel and search for Mr. Technicide. The same videos are also available in the video gallery on our website: www.technicide.com.

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