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    Really helped with bedbugs

    By Jason on 02/10/2018

    We moved into a house infested with bedbugs REALLY bad, my wife, kids & myself were being eaten up like you wouldn't believe, used fenvastar ecocap that was in a bedbug kit on this site, was killing em & sprayed every 2 weeks or so, got this product the second type around in nov 17 (i think), sprayed every 2 weeks for the first month, haven't sprayed since before Christmas 17, its now feb 18 havent been bitten or seem any at all since last spraying. We check constantly, spent the weekend at my mother in laws about a week ago found 1 adult bedbug, Im spraying again! This stuff works if used properly, i mix 1 ounce per gallon even tho it calls for .42 to kill or .82 for infestation Columbus, Oh is in the high ranks of bedbug infestations by the way (I'm not proud of that)

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