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A Guide to Flea and Tick Products for Pets

How to Choose the Best for Your Pet

By DoMyOwn staff

Fleas and ticks are not just a nuisance to pets, they can be debilitating. Scratching, itching, and lethargy are just some of the symptoms cats and dogs can experience after being bitten by these pests. Fortunately, there are products that can prevent and treat pets for fleas and ticks.

Read below to learn the different treatment and prevention options available. Different pets respond better to different treatments and what works for one dog (or cat) may not work for the other.

As with any product, be sure to read the label of any product before you use it on your pet. Be mindful that some products have age restrictions, size restrictions, and breed restrictions. If you have any questions, give your veterinarian a call before using anything on your animal.

Flea and Tick Control Options for Pets - Preventative


Flea and tick collars are an excellent way to prevent pests from irritating your animals. Collars are placed around the neck, just like regular pet collars, and provide continuous protection for your pet. Most collars, like those from Seresto, are water resistant and will last for months at a time, making them a smart choice for indoor/outdoor pets.

Flea and tick collars can also be used as treatment for fleas and ticks already on the animal, as the active ingredient will knockdown the pests in 2-3 days.

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Topical applications of flea and tick medications are one of the most popular flea and tick preventative methods used by pet owners. Topicals typically last for 1 month and are fairly easy to apply. Simply open the tube, place the medication along the spine and between the shoulder blades of your pet (on the skin, not the fur), and the dog or cat is protected.

ZoGuard, Frontline, and other topicals are effective even after bathing and only need to be applied monthly.

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Flea and tick sprays provide both prevention and treatment of pests, similar to topicals. Simply spray on the back of your dog or cat until their coat is wet, then allow the spray to dry. Like topicals, most sprays will last for up to 30 days and will knockdown any fleas or ticks currently on the pet.

Sprays are a smart choice for multi-animal households, boarding centers, daycares, and other areas where multiple pets congregate at once.

Some sprays even contain an insect growth regulator (IGR) to help kill any immature fleas, ticks, or their eggs.

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Flea and Tick Control Options for Pets - Treating


If your pet has a severe case of fleas or multiple tick bites, a dip is a fast way to give the pet some relief. The dip is mixed with water then applied to the pet's coat, where it will then dry. The dip will begin to knockdown pests and condition irritated skin.

Note: Not all dips are labeled for cats. Check the label of the dip to make sure it is compatible with your animal.

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Powder is a smart option for pets that despise being bathed. Flea and tick powder can be used on pets and their bedding, kennels, carpet, and furniture to knockdown active fleas and ticks and prevent new infestation.

Read the label of your powder for instructions on where it can and cannot be applied.

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Shampoos are a quick way to give an affected animal relief. Shampoos designed for fleas and ticks will knockdown any pests that are on the animal while also providing some residual prevention from further bites.

Read the label for application instructions and how often to bathe the pet.

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Flea and tick tablets are ingested by pets orally to give relief from fleas and ticks. The active ingredient in the tablet kills fleas and ticks on the pet without harming the dog or cat. Most tablets also provide residual protection for some days after ingestion.

Tablets are typically designed based on the weight of the animal and some are just for fleas or just for ticks. Read the product label for specifics.

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We hope you have found this breakdown of flea and ticks products for cats and dogs helpful. Check out our full selection of animal health products for dog care, cat care, and more.

If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this guide or other animal care products, give our customer service team a call at 866-581-7378 or email

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