Foaming Pest Control Products

Foaming products for pest control are incredibly useful against many types of pests that are known to burrow deep into the structure of a house such as termites and ants. They are ideal for those situations where regular sprays or powders have not been effective or cannot reach the areas that are being infested.  However, there are some things you should keep in mind before doing any treatment with foaming pest control products. These products will help you do to a foaming treatment properly to make sure you get rid of the bugs right away.

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Foaming concentrate for foaming insecticides into wall voids, drains, tunnels, etc.
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InVade Bio Foam is a super concentrated foaming microbial/citrus liquid made to remove organic build-up, odors, and scum.
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A superior foam application system that is equipped with everything you need to apply any type of foaming product.
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This foam marker guarantees to provide consistent, visible foam applications in virtually all kinds of condition.
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Foaming cleanser for hands and surfaces

Useful Tips For Foaming Pest Control

•    Make sure that foam is your best bet. Depending on the pest, sometimes sprays or powders might be better. The best application for pesticide foam is in the battle against burrowing insects like termites. In fact, termite foam is by far the best selling type of pesticide foam on the market, and it is ideal for getting into the crevices and tunnels that these insects create in a house.

•    Provided that you do need to use foam, be sure to ascertain exactly how deep the infestation is before you begin treating it. For this you can either hire a home inspector or save some money and inspect the home yourself by checking crawlspaces and the area near the foundation for signs of damage from burrowing insects. Should there be any structural damage to the home, you will certainly want to look into getting that repaired simultaneously with the treatments meant to eradicate the insects.

•    Once you are ready to apply the product, you might want to drill a few pilot holes in the areas that are infested in order to facilitate the delivery of the product directly to the nests that are harboring the insects. Merely spraying the foam on the surface near an infestation will not be enough to get rid of it. Seeing as how these products are designed to battle insects such as termites, you can often use their own nature against them and inject the foaming products directly into the tunnels and burrows that the insects have made.

•    After applying the foam, be sure to follow up on a set and routine schedule to check for signs of the product working or barring that for signs of the infestation returning. Should there be signs of further problems, you needn’t fear, often these products can be re-applied with no problems until the issue is completely resolved. As always, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions both when originally applying the products and when doing any follow up applications.

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