InVade Bio Cleaner

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InVade Bio Cleaner

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.8

5 Reviews | 9 Q&A

Product Overview

The InVade Bio Cleaner is a formulated cleaning agent that does not contain any chemicals or odors. It's mainly used for mopping, foaming, draining and spraying treatment. It has premium natural, odor eliminating and waste digesting microbes. The Bio Cleaner is safe to use in foamers, manual spray applicators, powers sprayers, mop and hose end sprayer applications. It can be used in a variety of areas like restrooms, public showers collection pits, etc. The InVade Bio Cleaner works perfect in cracks and crevices. It effectively eliminates organic build up and odors.  It's a 4 -in-1 cleaning agent that does not leave any harmful chemicals and odors behind after cleaning.

A Pump For 5 Gallon Pail can be purchased separately if needed.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Composed of bacillus bacteria, surfactants, and citrus oil.
For use in Treatment sites include restrooms, public showers, kennels, collection pits, droppings and general organic waste treatment
Application May be used in manual spray applicators, power sprayers, hose-end sprayers, foamers, or mop applications
Color Clear
Parts Included 1 gal jug (32 applications), pump top available
Shipping Weight 8.66 lbs
Manufacturer Rockwell Labs (Mfg. Number: IBCC128)
UPC 837654797204


Directions For Use:

InVade Bio Cleaner contains premium, natural microbes that eliminate organic debris and odors, citrus oil, cleaners and foaming agent. It cleans the way mother nature intended without harsh chemicals or fumes. Do not apply to direct food contact surfaces or unsealed wood. Do not blend with bleach, acid or caustic cleaners, disinfectants or antimicrobial products.


Keep out of reach of children. If more than an incidental amount is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. Give one glass of water and do not induce vomiting. Wash hands well after use. If in eyes, remove contacts and flush with water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention for any persistent irritation. Store in a closed, appropriately labeled container between 35 and 95 Fahrenheit.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Drain fly cleaner

    By Suzanne on 10/06/2017

    Works well, but you have to continuously have to purchase it; and it's to expensive to keep purchasing.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Good product

    By Sean on 09/24/2018

    I own and operate squish Pest Control out of Portland Oregon. We use this and all of our commercial buildings that are restaurants for the drains and it helps freshen them up and keep them clear. It's worth the price

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    First time and less drain infestation

    By Kim on 08/11/2018

    This product is worth it's weight in gold. I used this product and after the first dose I saw a significant drop in drain flies. I can't wait for them to disappear completely. I highly recommend this product. And the customer service representative was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Waiting for the rest of my personal to arrive, drain flies beware.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Works Great

    By Austin on 08/06/2023

    Did a huge bat cleanup/exclusion job and used this after to help get rid of the odor. Made several applications due to the size and duration of the bat infestation, but this stuff made a huge difference in the overall smell of the attic.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Worth every penny

    By Joan on 08/12/2023

    Once I figured out what I was dealing with and discovered the correct drain to treat, InVade Bio Cleaner did the trick. Do your research beforehand. I have many houseplants and early on thought the insects (1/8 inch and smaller) were coming from one of my plants. Then I had the septic tank cleaned out...still no resolution, This cleaner provided some immediate relief and as I continue every other day treatment, insects continue to lessen significantly.

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Questions & Answers

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Can InVade Bio Cleaner be used in toilets?

I have drain flies and wonder if I can pour the cleaner down the drain

Yes, InVade Bio Cleaner can be used in toilets. Since you are dealing with Drain Flies, we recommend you use some glue boards, like the Trapper LTD Mouse/Insect glue boards, in a triangle shape over the drains overnight in order to determine which drain the infestation is coming from. If you determine that the drain flies are coming from a sink drain, you can also use Gentrol Aerosol IGR along with InVade Bio Cleaner.

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I've just gotten rid of bats and now I need to clean up the waste they left behind, just wondering what would work the best for me. Which one of your products would work the best for me?

I had a bat infestation in my attic and on a hot humid day I can smell it in the house. Would be using it on unsealed wood and insulation


InVade Bio Cleaner  would be a good product to use or you can also use Nisus DSV. Nisus DSV is an all-in-one solution with a powerful disinfectant that is highly effective against disease-causing bacteria. But it's also a sanitizer that can rid an area of germs and fungi that can cause sickness and mold. And it's a powerful virucide, capable of killing the viruses you've read about in todays headlines, as well as many others that you may not even be aware are stalking your home. 

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What is the difference between Bio Drain and Bio Cleaner?

InVade Bio Drain Gel combines citrus oil and premium microbes in formulation thick enough to coat the insides of drains. It is not meant to be diluted. The InVade Bio Cleaner is a formulated cleaning agent that contains different actives and can be diluted for mopping, spraying, or foaming, or used in drains. Since the Bio Drain is a thicker formulation, it is better for drain treatments, but it does not have the versatility of the Bio Cleaner.

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How well does InVade Bio Cleaner eliminate odor?

I am renovating an old house with horrible animal urine smell. I am afraid that the smell has permeated the wood frame of the house especially the open area from the basement rafters. Will your product eliminate the odors for good if it's applied by spray on the exposed wood?


InVade Bio Cleaner is a 4 in 1 cleaning agent that contains bacillus bacteria, surfactant and citrus oil. It can be used in manual spray applicators, power sprayers, hose-end sprayers, foamers, or mop applications.

Bac-A-Zap is a very good product that is used to eliminate odors, urine and feces smells included. It can be used on walls, floors, carpets, wall voids, crawl spaces, basements, floor drains, refuse containers, dumpsters, garbage cans, bathrooms, and compost piles. Simply spray Bac-A-Zap on the affected area, and Bac-A-Zap continues to work for you until the job is done.

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Bio Cleaner or Bac-A-Zap?

I have an old dog that doesn't like to use the stairs to go outside so if no one is watching she uses the carpet. This has been going on for 6 years and though I constantly shampoo the carpets, I'm sure it's into the padding as I can still smell it when the house is closed up. Since the carpets are being cleaned regularly already I'm unsure which product may be most effective? Or should I use a combination? Since this is in multiple rooms I'd rather not have the expense of ripping it all out and replacing only to keep happening. Any suggestions appreciated.


The InVade Bio Cleaner is not labled to be used on carpets. We would recommend Invade Hot Spot Plus as this can be used for household cleaning on carpets.

Per the product label, simply spray over the stain, completely covering it with foam, and allow the microbes in Hot Spot+ to work undisturbed. Hot Spot+ is best applied immediately after a spill while the stain is still wet. If applying to an existing stain, first moisten the area to be cleaned with water. Multiple applications of Hot Spot+ may be necessary for very dark or old stains. Hot Spot+ should be allowed to completely dissipate on the stain. Do not scrub or wash after application. Hot Spot+ works well on soda, juice, milk, wine, beer, food residue, oil, urine, vomit, and most other organic matter.The 

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InVade Bio Cleaner 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.8 (5 Reviews / 9 Q&A)

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