FoxFarm Bush Doctor Force of Nature Miticide

FoxFarm Bush Doctor Force of Nature Miticide

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Product Overview

FoxFarm Bush Doctor Force of Nature Miticide is specially formulated for the control of mites, thrips and other insects on different types of crops. It is effective in controlling most spider mites and insects pests on contact for 3 to 4 weeks with 1% spray solution. It is a great addition to a well-defined Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to ensure efficient prevention and control. It is made of natural ingredients so it is guaranteed safe to use around human and animals. It is ideal for use on fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamentals bedding plants and more. Comes in 1 quart (32 oz.) bottle.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Cottonseed Oil - 40% Clove Oil - 20% Garlic Oil - 10%
Target pests Most Spider Mites (Two-spotted Mite, European Red Mite, Texas Six-spotted Spider Mite, Pacific Mite, Willamette Mite, Persea Mite, Rust Mite, Silver Mite), Avocado Thrips, Citrus Thrips, Flower Thrips, Greenhouse Thrips, Cabbage Aphid, Green Peach Aphid, Black Aphid, and Brown Aphid
For use in Food Crops: Berries (Strawberries, Raspberries), Fruit Trees (Pome Fruit, Stone Fruit, Avocado, Citrus, Nuts), Grapes, Vegetables (Beans, Lettuce, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Cole Crops, Broccoli, Cabbage), Melons, Cucurbits, Peppermint and Herbs

Ornamental & Greenhouse: Bedding Plants, Flowers (Greenhouse & Field), Greenhouse Ornamental Plants, Greenhouse Vegetables, Onions, Bare Root Stock, Container Stock, Fresh Cut Flowers and Ornamental Plants
Application * See Label for complete application instructions
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Shipping Weight 2.45 lbs
Manufacturer FoxFarm (Mfg. Number: 290121)
UPC 00752289290121



Always follow these directions:

  • Testing to date indicates that Force of Nature Miticide may cause injury to some plant species at sensitive stages of plant growth. Open blooms of certain plants can also be damaged. Do not apply to stressed or wilted plants, or to newly transplanted material prior to root establishment.
  • Force of Nature Miticide has not been tested on all plant varieties or in all tank mixes. Before applying to a large number of plants, test the product on a small number of plants for potential damage.
  • We recommend making no more than two consecutive applications of Force of Nature Miticide. After two applications, rotate to an alternative chemistry for at least two applications.
  • Apply early in the morning or late afternoon when the temperature is lower. Spray directly onto pest(s). Make applications before noticeable foliar damage occurs.
  • Thorough spray coverage is essential for good pest control. Applications should be repeated at an interval sufficient to maintain control, depending upon plant growth, pest pressure and weather conditions after spraying.
  • Local conditions may affect the use of Force of Nature Miticide. Consult your local State Extension Specialist for specific recommendations related to local crop protection problems.
  • Spray water/spray tank solutions should not be below pH 3.0 or above 8.0. Force of Nature Miticide works best in a pH range of 3.5–7.5. Use outside this range may cause product degradation. If necessary, buffer water to near neutral pH.
  • Do not mix Force of NatureTM Miticide with oxidizing agents such as bleach, bases, or strong acids as they will destabilize the product. Avoid application when drying of product is not possible for prolonged periods.


Force of Nature Miticide may be applied using conventional ground application equipment. Aerial application equipment is not recommended. Use quantities of water sufficient to provide thorough coverage of infested plants. Add enough water to spray tank to allow maximum agitation. With agitator running, slowly add the appropriate amount of Force of Nature Miticide. Continue agitation. Add remainder of water and agitate until thoroughly mixed. Maintain suspension while loading and spraying. Do not mix more Force of Nature Miticide than can be used in a 12 hour period. Rinse and flush spray equipment thoroughly following each use. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment washwaters. In order to make proper decisions on application rates to be used, follow the recommendations in the APPLICATION RATE & USAGE section.

NOTE: All applications should be preceded by a phytotoxicity check to ensure that the material is safe for that particular plant variety. We recommend that prior to treatment of a large number of plants, new species, or varieties, treat a few plants with Force of Nature Miticide and observe if there is any phytotoxicity. It is best to treat plants after they’ve adjusted to environmental changes, i.e. temperature, water, light intensity, new containers, new area, transplanting, wind, high humidity, etc. Do not use if sulfur is present on plant tissues.

TANK MIXING: Force of Nature Miticide has not been tested for use in a tank mix with many commonly used insecticides, fungicides, or spray tank adjuvants. We recommend testing all tank mix combinations for physical compatibility and plant safety. Consult your dealer or manufacturer for specific recommendations. This product cannot be mixed with any product containing a label prohibition against such mixing. No label dosage rate should be exceeded. Application must be made in accordance with the more restrictive of label limitations and precautions. Read and follow label instructions.


Final mix volume:

  • 1 gallon - 1.5 oz.
  • 5 gallons - 7 oz.
  • 10 gallons - 14 oz.
  • 25 gallons - 32 oz. 
  • 100 gallons - 128 oz.

Apply no more than once in a 7 day period. Repeat application as necessary. Coverage is essential to establish control. Apply enough to cover the entire surface of the infested tissue. 

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Can I spray FoxFarm Bush Doctor Force of Nature Miticide anywhere around plants?

For example on the soil. That's my most concern.


FoxFarm Bush Doctor Force of Nature Miticide is applied as a foliar spray only per the product label.  Coverage is essential to establish control. Apply enough to cover the entire surface of the infested tissue.

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