Frontline Plus For Dogs

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Frontline Plus For Dogs

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3 out of 5 stars Rating: 3

2 Reviews | 2 Q&A

Product Overview

Frontline Plus For Dogs has a combination of two active ingredients that work together to regulate and eliminate fleas. Fipronil and (s)-methoprene fights fleas and ticks by migrating all over the dog's body through translocation within 24 hours. The pet's oil glands beneath the skins, acts as a storage where Frontline Plus is continuously active on the skin's surface. The solution works by attacking the nerve cells of ticks and fleas, making them hyper and disoriented before dying. (S)-methoprene works by preventing any egg production and hatching of fleas. It also helps in prohibiting larval development. The waterproof formula of the product serves as a long lasting protection for dogs and is rapidly distributed to effectively kill most major species of ticks.

Each box contains a 3 month supply. For dogs 8 weeks and older. Each application last for 30 days. Only apply once every 30 days.

Choose from:

  • small dogs 5 - 22 lbs.
  • medium dogs 23 - 44 lbs.
  • large dogs 45 - 88 lbs.
  • extra large dogs 89 - 132 lbs.

Product Documents

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Fipronil - 9.8% (S)-methoprene - 8.8%
Target pests Fleas and Ticks
For use in Indoor or Outdoor
Application * See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label
Special Features Fast-acting
Shipping Weight 0.10 lbs
Manufacturer Merial (Mfg. Number: 287010)


Follow these instructions to apply Frontline Plus.

To apply, simply follow these instructions–and repeat every 30 days:

  • Remove Applicator: Lift and remove the plastic tab to expose foil backing. Then peel away the foil. Or use scissors to open.
  • Open Applicator: Hold upright with foil side toward you and snap applicator tip.
  • Apply FRONTLINE Plus: Part your pet's hair between the shoulder blades. Place the applicator tip just above the skin and squeeze. Apply entire contents of the applicator in a single spot directly onto the animal's skin. Do not apply on top of the haircoat. Avoid contact with treated area until dry.

Here are some additional tips.

  • Remove the pet's collar
  • Apply as a spot between your pet's shoulder blades in 1 area that can't be licked
  • Avoid touching the wet application spot
  • Wait 24 hours to allow solution to dry before bathing or letting your pet swim
  • Give each of your pets its own complete dose

Don't forget to reapply every 30 days.

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    By Jeff on 10/25/2016

    Half way through 3rd dose York still has fleas. Trying other methods. Expensive and didn't work!

    Expert ResponseExpert response:
    Thank you for your feedback! We understand your frustration when treating for fleas. If your pet is already infested, then it may be helpful to use a quick kill spray or shampoo to help get ahead of the flea population when using systemic products like Frontline Plus. We sell many great options in our Dog Flea Products section: You also want to be sure to treat inside and outside as needed in areas where the pets may be picking up fleas. If you only treat the animals and not the environment, then your flea problems will continue. Please take a few moments to review our Flea Treatment Guide for more tips and product recommendations: Please let us know if we can further assist you anytime! We appreciate your comments and your business!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Most safe for my dog

    By Mir on 04/18/2018

    There's only one product that doesn't cause a seizure in my dog. She is a Schnauzer and of course she is a inside dog. Never had fleas when I was using it.

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Questions & Answers

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Can I use Frontline Plus For Dogs on lactating dogs?

Per the manufacturer. All Frontline products incliuding Frontline Plus For Dogs are safe to use on breeding, pregnant and nursing dogs.

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Do I use the whole applicator of Frontline Plus For Dogs on a 1 yr old Chihuahua?

Do I use the whole applicator on a year old chihuahua?? She will be 2 this month on the 26th I read the whole thing on the box and I.couldn't see if I.could use the whole applicator on her please let me know


Yes, you will use the entire vial of Frontline Plus For Dogs on your pet regardless of the size.

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Frontline Plus For Dogs 3 out of 5 stars Rating: 3 (2 Reviews / 2 Q&A)

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